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new love on the morning 470 bus

on the bus this morning: man2 hops on, takes a seat, starts playing with smart-phone. man1 unplugs earphones & leans around to look at him to catch his attention. man1 does this a few times but man2 doesn't look up. man1 gives up & puts headphones back in & faces forwards again. then man2 looks up, sees man1 and tries to catch his attention. so they do know each other. gives up after a while. man2 goes back to phone. and I wonder how many people have missed each other due to technology these days. this repeats a couple of times during the ride to the city. their morphogenetic fields are strong, but misaligned! finally man1 presses bell & stands to hop off bus. man2 now sees him & stands also. they stand at the back stairs of the bus looking at each other. finally man1 starts to talk, they both still have that new love glaze & smile on their faces. brought tears to my eyes. ahh, new love on the 470 morning bus! u know that look.. slight smile because you don't want to give too much away yet, but it's hard not to smile more - mouth open as if to speak, but no words yet. eyes glistening. just smiling & staring at the other person. bliss

update: 01/11/2010
I used the text in this blog post in the #vlomo10 day1 video

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