NaVloPoMo 21 - day # 21 English football in Tel Aviv

NaVloPoMo 21 - day # 21 English football in Tel Aviv

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last night I went to Tel Aviv to the MASH Bar (more alcohol served here) to watch the England versus Croatia football game with one of the guys in my department who was here for the week. there was also an Israel game on around the same time so the bars in Jerusalem were showing it instead, or showing the England vs Croatia match without sound. England lost shilesh - steim (3 to 2 to Croatia) which means they have failed to qualify for Euro 2008. apparently the coach was sacked today..

this is a video of England scoring their first goal and the crowd in the bar's response. I broke my camera so can't see what I'm shooting anymore. most of the people in the bar were England supporters apart from a few Russians who were going for Croatia (as there was also a Russia vs Andorra match on at same time - Russia won this so they were happy!). so the crowd roared when England scored!!


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