Music For Film : cults classics curios

Sonic Arcana presents A Groovescooter Production
in Association with the 52nd Sydney Film Festival : the official companion CD
Music For Film : cults classics curios

Available now on the Sonic Arcana label
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52nd Sydney Film Festival : June 10 - 25, 2005

Compiled, produced and mixed by Groovescooter in collaboration with the Sonic Arcana label, comes the first ever companion CD for the Sydney Film Festival - now in it's 52nd year.

This is unlike any soundtrack compendium you've heard before. A seamless journey through various moods and styles, it's more like the eclectic 'Back To Mine' series, than those heavily orchestrated, emotionally manipulative soundtrack collections of yesteryear. Subtitled 'cults classics curios', the album traverses almost four decades of Australian film music; from the most up-to-date post-rock and electronic producers (Decoder Ring and Severed Heads) to the long overlooked vice-funk of cult-classic 'The Box' alongside masters like the late Brian May ('Mad Max'). As for curios, there are plenty, but how about the soundtrack that was originally commissioned for pioneering gritty Aus-Hellinic film 'Head On' starring Alex Dimitriades and Paul Capsis? The version here wasn't used in the film's final cut after Melbourne shlock-horror filmmaker, composer and author Philip Brophy was replaced by Ollie Olsen (Psy-harmonics / Max Q).

So sit back in your director's chair and let your mind take a windscreen journey through funk, jazz, post-rock, psychedlia, electronics and classic cinematic moods, with the 52nd Sydney Film Festival Music For Film companion CD.

The mix: [artist/composer - track title - film title]
01 don meers - nevermind - opening credits
02 david lindup - testing time - the box
03 david thrussell - end theme - the hard word
04 jigsaw - sky high - the man from hong kong
05 tooth - dreamland - angst
06 the new pollutants - the muse - hills hoist
07 decoder ring - heidi's theme - somersault
08 inga liljestr