Music Australia: Online, In Time

Australia's Music: Online, In Time

MusicAustralia is a new online service to help you find, access and
navigate a rich store of information on Australian music, musicians,
organisations and services from a single access point.

MusicAustralia networks the Australian musical landscape, providing
researchers with a comprehensive online service for Australia's music.
You will find Australia's printed music, sound recordings, multimedia
and audio-visual materials, artist websites, pictures, manuscripts and
books, together with information on thousands of musicians and
organisations - across multiple genres and musical styles, heritage and
contemporary. The service is free to users.

Drawing on the extensive bibliographic resources contained in the
National Bibliographic Database (NBD), and a new database on Australian
music and music organisations, MusicAustralia delivers information on
130 000 music items. Online score and sound content is being developed
by contributors including the National Library of Australia, the
National Film and Sound Archive, State Libraries, Universities, and
Australia Council for the Arts and ARC funded projects, enabling online
access to more than 10 000 music resources to date.

You can search or browse our extensive database, or alternatively
explore highlighted themes such as War and Peace, Aviation, Pantomime,
Waltzing Matilda, Sport, Bush and Beach, The Voice, Songs of Place, and
Indigenous Music.

MusicAustralia is brought to you by the National Library of Australia,
the National Film and Sound Archive, and cultural organisations from
around the nation.

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