mumbai : people advised to stay indoors

"people advised to stay indoors"

woke up to a txt msg 3am this morning asking if I was ok - been watching the news since. they're evacuating some people out the windows of the hotel now. one hotel is on fire - mumbai's landmark. it seems to have started about 9:30pm last night. shots still heard fired at one hotel about 10mins ago - hostages still held there - they rounded up the 'westerners'. hostages at cama hospital (women's & children's hospital) still too.

it's now 5:30am - this has been going on for about 7.5 hours! tv reports are repeating the info. but there's regular updates. a car even drove by and shot at the media. there's footage of one man's hand bleeding and the cameraman grabs his arm to move it so he can get a better shot of the blood - then he moves off to another view. hopefully someone actually helped the injured man instead of just filming him!!

update 6am : now they're reporting 87 people killed & over 200 people injured :(
I've just heard fire engines driving past my hotel so hopefully there's not more attacks nearby. so far the news channel (CNN / IBN is reporting 3 hotels + 1 hospital have been attacked. they've showed footage of the chief police (?) officer (ATS chief) arriving, putting on his helmet & bullet proof vest, then reporting he was shot in the chest/head (conflicting reports) and killed not long afterwards. apparently he's been under scrutiny since other recent attacks.

this is what the Taj Mahal Palace looked like a couple of weeks ago 15/11 when I was in the city :

I hope this little girl is ok - she's probably a regular at Gateway of India across the road from the Taj Mahal Palace. she'd given me flowers & didn't want money. unusual for tourist sites. my driver had shown me around the different places, including Leopold Cafe in Colaba.

more photos (of tv broadcasts) @


some of my photos were used in a now public news article.

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