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melbourne`s silent dancing flash mob party

Celebrating the Chinese Year of the Monkey Thursday Jan 22nd, the crew are initiating a new experiment in party culture that YOU are invited to! Riding the wave of recent global 'Flash Mob' gatherings we are putting on a special type of 'Flash Mob PARTY' that will last only 3 songs, in the central CBD of Melbourne, 7:00pm, Thurs Jan 22nd. The location will be revealed by email notice or by checking our website @ ON THE DAY. Using special FM technology we will broadcast the music on a local frequency only partygoers will know - so you MUST bring a device with a radio function and headphones - as this is a 'SILENT DANCING' party!!! Numbers are limited, so please sign up by emailing and read the information enclosed to be a part of the fun and mischief of the Year of the Monkey!!! 99 monkeys can share an idea - but when the 100th monkey tunes in a critical consciousness is achieved that tips the scales for all. This critical mass for change depends on YOU!


Is a new type of party using micromitter FM radio technology to unite small, wired communities within broadcast range on a common wavelength. Party goers tune in to the FM transmission with a portable radio and headphones - and no sound is heard by those outside the Network. Range varies but noise pollution problems are solved, and the party can camoflague itself silently across any urban cityscape .


A Smart Mob is any group called together through the use of technology - whether that be the mobile, sms, email or any of the rapidly proliferating new media. You may be in a distributed group mobilizing in the flesh, or people that have no connection except the attraction of gathering for a set duration. FLASH MOBS have the added structure of being timed events, taking over space with Art, seizing the moment and then quickly dispersing.


Hakim Bey coined the term Temporary Autonomous Zone or TAZ to describe the reclaiming of space and time by communities from the mainstream Spectacle. Unplug from the illusion and create your own reality now!


The radio frequency, location, time and other details will be advised in your invitation email. The vibe is fun - bring out your inner you and Join others on the same freakuency!


YOU could be the 100th Monkey! Send your email address to to be invited to the next party or check out on Jan 22nd! All details strictly confidential / we do not pass on your data.

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