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Tara Pattenden is working on a mapping project (see below) and has asked for some maps - especially hand drawn ones, so I found a couple of my (tourist/hotel) travel maps from different cities. maybe not exactly what she's after, but here are the scans I sent her (& msg)

Tara's mapping project message - (contact page on her site if anyone else wants to contribute)

I am working on a project based on hand drawn maps - the kind that someone draws you for directions 
or perhaps a travel guide of sorts..
Once realised the project will form an web based atlas - a kind of google maps made from hand drawn 
maps - totally inaccurate and scribbled.
For the project I need hundreds of hand drawn maps.. hundreds!!! well whatever I can get.

So firstly if you have any maps lying around - i would love it if you can either scan and email or post 
them to me.
Secondly I would like to kick start the project by asking you to draw directions to a particular place 
- if you can do this for me it would be great.

I used to keep this map in my wallet so it's very tatty. I have a fresh one too (without tears/writing) if you'd rather that. it's the tourist map from the hotel. I usually get the maps for the first couple of weeks to work out directions and relationships of the different suburbs to each other when I see street signs. but then I'm ok without them. I like not knowing where I am sometimes - it's when I discover some cool things/places that aren't on the (tourist) 'maps'. at the gps workshop (mentioned below) I remember one of the women asked me how I coped with so much travel and not knowing where I was all the time. I didn't really understand what she meant as I like this feeling - I guess some people have to know exactly where they are at all times?

I usually record gps track points for different walks / drives too - I can add them to a map if they're of interest.
I did a 'gps drawing' workshop once at the isle of wight and since then I try capture the trackpoints when I remember.

a few of the gps drawings - has some gps / maps articles in the blog (+ other gps articles mixed in) - some in UK, AUS, INDIA, ISRAEL, NEW ZEALAND

(though some of these used a kml plugin on drupal/my site which I didn't reinstall after an upgrade so they might not show the maps anymore. I should fix this one day)

below are some of the drawings if the links don't work in the other blog posts


some gpx drawings - made by (& my gps/gpx trackpoints) :

ashkelon drive via

dead sea drive via

israel, india, australia via

old city of Jerusalem (sound) walk - via
blog post & sound recording of sound walk

I think this is in delhi, india - via

uk, india, australia, new zealand - 2006 : via

chandlers ford to shirley - the drive home from work, 24/02/2005, UK : via

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