Magic Squares - video project?

could a maths story work?

at scanz there was a paper called "Complexity and Cybernetics Redux" by Nina Czegledy and it mentioned Magic Squares. these cover topics such as mysticism, philosophy, mathematics. could the game/puzzle be to solve the magic square. the game leaders send out clues which reflect the numbers& people go out and find the item that has been uploaded to represent each square. eg, so people could film clues like numbers from different places, a quantity of subjects (eg if the number was 10, then film collections of 10 things in a single clip), or even make a video about a saying/piece of writing that might represent the numbers. whatever people can think of

also I wonder if shift space could be used - to apply another layer to the net, so some pages people would find the items in the hidden layer. eg, they go to the page and shift it then there's a message/image/another clue. it'd prob be for a more geeky/tech crowd but perhaps they're the sort to do this kind of net game/activity anyway? or if not for clues (or perhaps as well as), using shiftspace people could build a 'map' of sites/pages along their journey too. others can see these though, but maybe there'd be competition to see who gets there first or even just the variety of order people find clues or interpret the clues. - the (archived) YASMIN list discussion on Cybernetics Serendipity Redux (which Nina mentioned spoke of Magic Squares, though maybe it's in one of the links mentioned as I can't find it on these pages)

from Nina's paper abstract :
Concerning mysticism, the interpretations and arrangements of Magic Squares for example, endowed with symbolic meaning and powerful mysticism has inspired mathematicians and philosophers for thousands of years. Magic Squares or cryptographic mathematics are often linked to divination, to what is called "human observer capability" in complexity theory. Buchanan proposed in his Spirituality and Complex Systems text that "from the point of view of systems sciences we may say that the world is sustained by complex relationships of which we understand relatively little".

I remember when the discussion was on as I posted it to my site - I'd been reading about cybernetics, transhumanism at the time. but work was crazy as usual so I didn't get a chance to read it in real-time, so it was intereresting that it was one of the papers at scanz as I didn't make the link. (but that part of the art world seems to crossover into multiple lists I'm on, I get them mixed up) (only catching up now)
not sure. maybe I need coffee now

I've made some notes about the JASMIN's Cybernetics Serendipity Redux discussion in another blog post

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