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Korean Polka, Melanesian Electro, Russian Tribal beats

Uber Lingua is St Jeromes' black sheep weekly event, keepin things real (in
a sense) and exploring the wildly entertaining and sometimes somewhat
obscure world of multi-lingual sound in the forms of Hip Hop, Dub,
electronic sounds, polka, retro rock... you name it, it's been played !!!

Alongside quality resonant residents bP and Raceless, the guest DJs for this
Thursday (the 1st of September) are Open Channel's Program Director Andrew
Garton, exploring his fave Korean stuff... He's obsessed! Along side Triple
R FM's 'Killa' Namila Benson doing her Melanesian inspired groove thang, and
Ang Fang Quartet member 'DJ Russian Disco' who prefers to be pretty obvious
about what music he plays via his DJ title...

It all kicks off at 6pm Thursday night with Raceless looking after (if you
could call it that) the after work crowd... bP from 8pm and the quality
guests kicking off 'three in a row' from 9pm... Should be nice as...

Where: St Jeromes 7 Caledonian Lane Melb CBD (directly behind Lounge)
When: Every Thursday from 6pm till 1am!
Cost: Nothing whatsoever...

Check out for photos of these people, music
downloads and other interesting info...

Here are some bios...

Andrew Garton (9-10pm)

Recently returned from Korea, Andrew Garton was keen to do an Uber set and
reveal some of his new found Asian findings... Musical one's that is...

From pens to beetle nut, from vitamin C tablets to cashews Garton's chewing
continues and it did veraciously in recent weeks during a short sabbatical
in Soul. South Korea became a source for inspiration in Garton's eclectic
music and performance video works in 2001 when he started collecting
traditional forms known as sal manori and sinawe, rare recordings of ancient
songs sung by Korea's last living Geisha, a selection of glam rock, manic
hip hop, pencil-head electro-acoustic works and more recently, psychedelic
minimalism. Read more on the uber web site....

'Killa' Namila (10pm-11pm)

Pacific background... as she gets older (it's her birthday), she feels the
pull of her ancestry coming thru, influencing her direction towards
"exploring more Pacifica sounds and tribal beats..." etc. Namila's got a
mixed bag of beaut global treats, delving into different times, different
continents and lotsa fine ladies... Should be grouse!

DJ Russian Disco, from Melbourne's weirdo art-rock/horror-movie-film-score
troupe the Ang Fang Quartet spins Russian and Eastern European oompah-rock,
gypsy-thrash and psycho-polka. Stompin' rhythms, freaky melodies, Red Army
choruses, unstoppable vodka binges and non-stop tuba-shreddin' action -
ladies and gentlemen, make this summer the Summer of Russia.

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respect! UL crew

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