html 5 video & audio tags test

Jay Deadman has been letting us know about the new html 5 video & audio tags.

he sent a few examples / links to check out (you need firefox 3.1 or another html 5 compatible browser to see these properly :

javascript subtitles that display below the video in the web page as the video is playing

space shuttle launch - uses the data from the video to plot points on a graph alongside the video playing

creating your own video player - I like the draggable player to resize the video example

so I'm testing the new html 5 tag - using firefox3.1 - it might not display in earlier versions (eg 3.0.6)

I used the convert link on to convert one of my short youtube videos to .ogg format

it works for ogg videos :

ogg format
using these tags ( remove spaces next to ):

ogg format video

from the video on page


though the playcount, start, end & poster attributes don't seem to work here - maybe i have the syntax wrong ...

ogg format video


but so far it's not working for mpeg4 & flash - I need to read more about it in case there's other tags I need to use - I think it could be because these need special decoders / players to play these formats?? :

mpeg4 video

from my video page

flash video

from my video page

quicktime mov file


audio tests


documents video tag examples page audio tag examples page html 5 video & audio tag specification page

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