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Hakim Bey's website - hosts his articles including the well known Temporary Autonomous Zone. The Ayahuasca Reading is interesting, especially since it sounds like it was written in the late 1940s / 1950s? at least written about events during that period. it was originally appeared in the Psychedelic Review in 1965 and Hakim Bey read a reprint of it from the Psychozoic Press on a New York radio program in 1994. interesting since Ayahuasca has become 'flavour of the year' so to speak, with even hollywood stars heading off to South America to experience it.

Rak Razam, a journalist from Australia, recorded his experiences in the video below

Rak:aya soul
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Robert Anton Wilson's obituary by Peter Lamborn Wilson (aka Hakim Bey)

"Moors of Holy Ireland, we must all learn Basque" - an interview with Hakim Bey by Sasha Miltsov. they talk about the future, how things seem to be repeating themselves, how "attitudes are informed by reformism. They are not informed by a critique of capitalism or even of technology". that "that symbolic action and symbolic discourse is NOT Action!", about artists and their popularity and influence on real estate prices, and about "the idea of separatism and secession", in particular in relation to America.

"So America is isolated economically: we don't produce anything here anymore – we cant be self-sufficient in terms of industry. We don't make shoes here; we don't make umbrellas, pencils. We make entertainment and information. We don't even make the fucking computers! We produce the ideas that occupy the computers. That's why artists are so important right now – it's one of the few things that we actually produce. So the arts are hot, some artists are successful – this whole area around here is full of artists, and they drove the real-estate prices up. So, now you can't move into this county for less then 250,000 dollars. Thanks to the artists! You wonder why people get angry at artists – it's not our fault – we're just looking for low rent but the real-estate developers are following us, sniffing our butts wherever we go to find out where the next beautiful cheap real-estate is going to be ..."