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FERAL AS FU#K! - Sat 6th March bush party

hey there party people ... with labour weekend n' grand prix fever hitting melbourne what better opportunity to get out bush & party on down with AKA & Dysfunkt Sound systems

..... two soundsystems - 20,000watts of sound present .....

FERAL AS FU#K! - Sat 6th March

AKA - underground hard tekno, dnb, industrial
DYSFUNKT - jungle, ragga, punk, breaks n' hardcore

featuring live acts n' djs from France, London & Sydney along with AKA Cris, Hard As Fu#k, U-Pressure, Echowarrior + more

all this n' much much more in beautiful bush location easy 1 1/2hr drive from melbourne.... full details are posted on website

... spread the word.... n' catch ya's soon


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