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Environ presents TALULU at Loop, January 2nd

In the aftermath of New Years, the ENViRON crew offer and incredibly over
the top sensory experience on Sunday January 2, presenting a four-hour fully
improvised AV collaboration by around 20 artists propped up on multiple
podiums around the loop venue. The TALULU set will feature obscure
trans-genre crossovers like ex-techno god Steve Law of Zen Paradox fame
musically meeting Joey Phantom, the bass player from psychobilly band 'the
Fireballs'. Austrian Loop guitarist Bernhard Wagner, local VJs Kirsten
Bradley (Cicada) and Khalid Abdullahi, Antediluvian Rocking Horse, Andrew
Garton (Son of Science), Viktor Markov (from Bulgaria), and Ian Kitney
(drummer from 'Tim Rodgers & the Temperance Union') are amongst the lineup.
Electronic musicians, Electric & Acoustic players, Video artists, live
camera operators, DJs, VJs, Dub mixers & slide projectionists all have a
part to play in TALULU.

7pm Sunday January 2 : Loop 23 Meyers plc.
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