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Dis_orientation with Morceaux de Machines (Canada), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria), Ventricle & Emily Morandini

Disorientation is a monthly night of audio-visual performance and improvisation at the Abercrombie Hotel. This month's guests include Morceaux de Machines (Canada), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria), Ventricle and Emily Morandini. read more for details

Wednesday October 5
Abercrombie Hotel (Cnr Abercrombie St & Broadway)
Entry $7/$5


Morceaux de Machines (Canada)
Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria)
Emily Morandini

+DJ Corporal Leper

Disorientation is a monthly night of audio-visual performance
and improvisation at the Abercrombie Hotel.

Presented by the UTS Sound Collective and Supported by UTS Union and
Bondi Intermusic

This Month's Artist Details:


The duo of Aimé Dontigny and Érick Dorion, a highly skilled pair of
improvisers, who know how to drive the consenting listener on a sonic
adventure which will leave them with their mouth gaping. But if this
dynamism and this tension seem almost theatrical, it's a sort of theatre
de la cruaut impermeable to the false sentimentality of harmony,
ferociously deconstructive of deifying systems such as Bachuus.

Is it just noise? No, there is much more than just noise in these
exuberant, life-affirming soundtracks. Just as there is more to the
loudness of their composition than a superficial affront to musics which
are too easy to like, or too modest. If their machinist acrobats make
such a ruckus, it's because they are acutely conscious of the risk their
acrobatics entail. That said and done, we are left with a music that is
lively, highly personal and full of depth.


Miha Ciglar is a composer and sound artist currently studying at the
University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria. Originally from
Maribor, Slovenia, Ciglar now lives and works in Western Europe. Since
2001 he has performed his own compositions for saxophone, guitar,
vibraphone, double bass, electro-acoustical performances, interactive
dance performances, computer music and audiovisual installations at many
art festivals all around the world.

His work has strong conceptual fundaments and points away from
expressive values of common aesthetic ideals. A subject of high concern
and priority is the problem of absolute awareness of sonic perception
which is directly connected with the question of existential legitimacy
of sound art. Ciglar's compositional approach and attitude towards
technological solutions are very similar and rooted in a revaluation of
existent "material" resulting in its preliminary decomposition, in
order to absorb its originally suggestive character for an employment in
the further process of creation.


An improvising comprised of pixel pushers Luke Callaghan and Ivar
Lehtsalu, Ventricle creates beautiful and chaotic machine sound scapes,
digital mayhem and moments of quiet beauty.


Miss Morandini is a predominantly a sound artist, occasionally straying
into the sordid world of video, installation, and scarf-making. Recent
sonic mis/adventures include übercube, the Splinter Orchestra and
Turkish Pop Group, with tentative hopes to appease the masses with an
onslaught of solo material.

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