DEMUS - dark / industrial music portal

We would like to annouce a new web site dedicated to dark /
industrial music and media for artists / musicians and followers at:

This is a community and platform for all creators, followers and fans
of dark electronic music. Based in Melbourne Australia (but catering
to everyone), our aim is to deliver a community site which:

Supports and nourishes musical artists (particularly
underground/unsigned acts) by offering a place online to promote and
share resources. Promotion occurs by submitting news about your
events and upcoming works, allowing the download of your free mp3
materials (only available to registered users) and meeting fellow
artists (from all over the world) online in the forums. Sharing
occurs by reviewing the works of other artists, adding useful links
and helping each other. Every underground musician knows the feeling
of being alone, with a lack of support... this site has been designed
to offer assistance.

Distributes and Exposes the art of others. Primarily it would be a
perfect world to see artists joining resources and exposing music
wherever possible. Do you stock your CD's in a local store? Why not
help stock another artists work, and let them put your material on
the shelves in a country far away? In the coming weeks of April 2005
we will be installing a mechanism by which artists can sell their
discs on this site direct to the public. What sets this apart from
general online CD stores is that we actually care about artists who
use DEMUS, and attempt to play an active role (along with other
members) to see your art successfully targeted at interested parties.

Excites fans of the genre. Over the last year a number of well
established sites dedicated to dark electronic music has turned to
dust. Our aim is to make this site a dynamic and interesting place
for fans looking for artist info, events and free music samples.
Sure, you can go to but why sift through the crud when you
can have top quality music, delivered straight from the artists!

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