Def Wish Cast on Big Brother

there's been a small debate on Stealth boards about pioneering Australian hip hop band Def Wish Cast appearing on TV on Big Brother. here's my feelings on it.

yeah I think BB is cringeworthy. and DWC is giving *them* cred.
tv is the same - actually worse in some places - around the world - which would you rather watch? I think thinking DWC is cringeworthy for going on tv just shows how low our music-on-tv standards are. we should be pushing for a better class / std of music to be heard by the Aus masses. not bagging the bands for getting out there. is this the music glass-ceiling attitude that Australians seem to have? DWC *are* Aus hiphop - they couldn't change that if they tried - as Lo_D says I don't think their cred is in question at all. why can't we make the quality of Aus commercial music better by supporting the 'underground' bands/artists and giving them airplay in commercial arena. we can't escape the commercial music as it's played everywhere, so why not hear something good on airwaves/tv/shopping centres /wherever. I think it's win-win for everyone and helps lift the standards all-round. I'm ok with sharing underground bands with more people.

/edit maybe it's tall poppy not glass ceiling. I've forgotten my english phrases

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