cytoplasm - phil price sculpture (Auckland waterfront)

Phil Price designed kinetic sculpture called 'cytoplasm'. located at Waitemata Plaza, Auckland - near Viaduct / waterfront. video taken 4th June 2007

The Auckland city what's on site has some more info on auckland city sculptures

"Phil Price's kinetic work is one of the most popular on the Viaduct walkway. It comprises 16 pod-like discs that move both individually and collectively in the wind. No two views of the work are the same, and herein lies much of Cytoplasm's attraction."

"This work is a perfect embodiment of art and science. Price honed his skills working with motorcycle designer John Britten in the 1980s. He became interested in exploring how modern materials such as the high performance plastics developed by NASA could be used in art. Cytoplasm is one of a suite of works using similar materials to create moving sculptures that have won awards both in New Zealand and overseas. There is a scientific basis to the theme of the work as well as in its materials. Cytoplasm is the jelly-like material that fills cells and carries out life's processes. It is constantly moving and flowing."

"Price describes his work as playing with ideas and forms. For him, art is an ongoing exploration that is never fixed. He is interested in the range of associations that viewers bring to his work. Cytoplasm has been described as a cactus, a sea plant, a windmill, a science fiction creature, and a futuristic tree. In a sense it is all of these. The artist is interested in the viewer's personal response to these strange waving forms."

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