craftivist collective mini protest banner kit

I've been looking through the craftivist collective website and some of their projects. they do many fibre / textiles / craft based activism (craftivism) projects to raise issues to people in the community. they also write about slow activism and the importance of personal reflection when making - I love this idea and it's something people can do from home without having to be too vocal (verbally) with their ideas - work on projects to highlight issues they think are important. so I purchased one of their mini protest banner kits and it arrived from the UK yesterday. tonight I embroidered a message and sewed the aida onto the fabric. it was the first time I've embroidered letters so the first couple of lines are a bit wonky (especially the "D"), and I found it easier to write in all caps so I'm probably shouting the message, but I was getting the hang of it towards the end (though I ran out of space on the last line - need to plan it out next time)

I embroidered the message "what have you done to help lessen climate change" because I think this is one of the most important issues currently facing the world (Earth) and I want people to think about their own behaviours and to find things that they can do at home and in their own lives to help lessen the issue. tomorrow I'll pin it up outside somewhere - will go looking for a good spot. the kit includes cable ties, and the fabric has holes punched in it already so it should be quick to install. another great thing was the whole project only took me a couple of hours this evening (whilst already pretty tired) so it's one of the quicker craft / fibre projects I've worked on! it's quite rewarding to see something finished in a short period of time

I made another which says "seeking asylum is not illegal" in response to one of the issues facing Australia at the moment - our politicians are making terrible decisions on our behalf.



I hung the mini-banner up in the street with the warehouse - it's adjacent to my favourite cafe and has some paintings hanging on the side of the warehouse, plus some graf (which I think was paid for as it's the suburb name not the artist's name and this site is being developed into apartments next year and they advertise it as a "cool" location. it's possibly preaching to the converted in this suburb, but hopefully it'll make some people think... it's quite small so hard to see in some of these photos







sat 17/08: I made another mini-banner "seeking asylum is not illegal". I'll try hang it near the first banner tomorrow


I installed it near the first banner today




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