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CompleteRSS was started with one thing in mind - unlocking the enormous potential of RSS by making it easy for end-users and content publishers to find each other. We are dedicated to pushing RSS into the mainstream by making it well understood, easy-to-use, and supportive of the personal and business interests of the community.

End-users that visit CompleteRSS quickly learn how to put RSS to work for them at work, home or school. They come back over and over again because it is easy to find new feeds and search for items of interest. End-users also appreciate access to enticing RSS feeds that some publishers make exclusively available through the site.

CompleteRSS provides publishers with the best platform to launch and promote RSS-driven content to a broad demographic audience. The site's inviting appearance and ease-of-use makes CompleteRSS the first stop for anyone looking to evaluate, subscribe and search the latest and hottest feeds. Beyond a free directory listing, several promotional options are available to maximize exposure for any feed.

CompleteRSS was founded by a close-knit team of professional business managers, software developers, and Internet enthusiasts who believe RSS will herald a new way to work the web.

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