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Vanity Press Plus: The Tweetbook by James Bridle - James Bridle has extracted all his tweets from twitter and published them into a one-off hard copy book. I tried his script but it didn't work for me, though twitter seems to have changed from displaying a page at a time to using the 'more' button at the bottom of the page to display more pages + I don't have the api. since I don't have that many posts - comparatively speaking - I just hit 'more' until I could see all my posts. and then saved them to a file.

it is interesting, if twitter were to fail, I would lose all my data & messages. maybe some of the twitter clients let you save the data. when I used to use IRC, mirc used to let you log the channels so you could save the data. I suppose most of it isn't worth saving - lots of ephemeral information. this information is already available online too, but I doubt it would be interesting enough to anyone else to make them read all the tweets since #1 :) tweets saved
22/03/2009 : .rtf file version
22/03/2009 : html file version (remove the .txt - this is a quirk with file attachments on my site, it won't let you upload .html)

so, @katecrawford thanks, I like that book of tweets link u posted @

21/05/2009 : tweets (change .htm.txt to .htm)

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