Camera Obscura features >>backup festival<< films in June

C A M E R A O B S C U R A (June) 07.06.04

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film + video screenings

First monday of every month at Lanfranchi's Memorial Discoteque.
Level 2. 144 Cleveland St. Chippendale. Free. 7:30 pm. Popcorn.

Monthly screenings with a simple goal of showing interesting and
experimental film and video works in an appropriate setting,
comfortable seating - 5.1 audio - large scale projection - free

Month of June (07.06.04)

This month Camera Obscura plays host to the screening programmes from the
2003 >>backup_festival. new media in film<<. Started in 1999, the festival
traces "the convergence of new media and the medium of film". In 2003, the
festival received 1,100 entries submitted by artists from 44 countries. We
will screen a selection of the main programme, backup.award, and a special
selection of experimental music videos, backup.clipaward. As a side note,
the call for entries for this year's Backup Festival 2004 closes on July 15.

Following through with the Bauhaus connection, we'll close the night with
Hans Richter's 1946 surreal feature, Dreams that Money Can Buy, with its
amazing cast of collaborators including Ernst, Duchamp, Leger, Calder,
Man Ray, Duke Ellington, Milhaud, Cage, David Diamond and Paul Bowles.

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