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Cad Factory Show May 16th - Harmonic Frequencies

Harmonic Frequencies is show number 8 in The Cad Factory's 10 month program of live filming, recording and art parties


Robert Curgenven (Europe)
Espadrille (with Ryszard Dabek (improvised Video)
Kraig Grady
Anna Chase

Sydney-based free improv trio Espadrille use traditional instruments (tenor saxophone, guitar, drum kit) and various generations of technology/electronics
(radio, 1980s effects pedals, non-keyboard synthesizers).
Their music can combine ambient, noise, groove and melodic elements. For this performance, new media artist Ryszard Dabek
will collaborate with the group, improvising with images.

Australian-born but now Europe-based Robert Curgenven uses an integrated system of subsonic feedback from ventilators, field recordings, turntables and specially designed dubplates to create a sonic environment which resonates with the acoustics of the performance space. This will be Robert’s last performance on an Australian tour which has included dates in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria.

Anna Chase is a Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who creates lush, emotive songs, weaving melodies into familiar yet dreamy pop constructions. She uses vocals, guitar and accordian to explore harmonic territories.

Kraig Grady will bring the remnants of artifacts from the visionary geography of Anaphoria Island in the forms of a retuned Metallophone and a Hammer dulcimer emcompassing the island most significant holistic tunings.

Sunday May 16th 5pm-9pm

Intriguing, don't you agree !!

Cad Factory
5 Handley St

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