BUTOH Workshops in Brisbane

Mondays: 7.30-9.30pm

As a part of our ongoing Actor-Training programs, ZEN ZEN ZO is once again offering BUTOH Workshops on Monday nights (7.30-9.30pm) at the Avalon Theatre in St Lucia, Brisbane, from July until November. Participants can join at any time, space permitting.

"The passion of the Butoh dancer is an inner one. What you see on the outside is always infinitely subtle. you see a trace of the emotion, never the emotion itself. In the west we have a tendency to throw ourselves against walls as a way to indicate passion. The Japanese just show traces, not unlike their prints, their art of leaving traces on paper. They disclose only just enough to allow you to imagine an inner poetic landscape. This is much more interesting"
Robert LePage

Butoh is a contemporary avant-garde dance-theatre form that originated in Japan.
It has been described as a dance of the senses, or "pure" emotional states expressed through the body (as opposed to words), of universal imagery, of poetry and metaphor. Butoh combines dance, theatre, improvisation and ritual, crossing cultural borders in its search for the universal. In addition to learning this unique form, the classes will aim to find each person's unique physical expression, unencumbered by language, tradition or social conditioning. The training also develops deep focus, body awareness, a rich imagination and emotional truth in the actor/dancer.

Monthly Fee $50 (4 classes) + $10 Registration Fee for newcomers.
For Bookings call (07) 3871-2409 or email info@zenzenzo.com


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