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Burning the Sacred Fire - public talk & gathering

*Burning the Sacred Fire*
Australian Indigenous Women Elders
Speaking Out & Sharing Vision
-- A Living History Survives --


1. *Public Talk* RMIT Story Hall *Friday* 8th April 2005, 8pm Sharp

2. *Weekend 'Sacred Fire' Cultural Gathering & Sharing*
OPOEIA Eco-Arts Retreat *Saturday* 9th April & *Sunday* 10th
April, 2005


Indigenous Woman Elders will visit Melbourne to speak frankly and
profoundly about spiritual law, peace, tolerance, genocide and
Aboriginal Sovereignty.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the wisdom and profound
spiritual culture of Australian Aboriginal people. Each of these woman
have there own stories to tell and share, of there struggles to live
in two worlds, their resolution to claim their birth rite as spiritual
custodians of this continent, their quest for sovereignty, but most of
all their vision for the future.

"we are Woman, we birth the world, and the Mother Earth births us all,
it is time for we few Aboriginal Woman to step forward in spirit and
pure of heart to raise the consciousness regards the true history of
the Australian Nation and how we can all come together to attain peace
and prosperity for all."

*Speakers & Workshop Leaders*

Isabell Coe - Wiradjuri Elder & Ambassador for Aboriginal Tent
Wadjularbinna Nulyarimma - Gungilida Elder
Sue Charles Rankin - Jaara Elder
Bowie Hickey- Gamilaroi Elder
Mari Bennett - Barkenji Elder
Annette Xiberras - Wurundjeri Elder & Traditional Owner
Kathy Travis - Wathaurong Community Member
Plus Other Indigenous Women ...

These Women carry the Sacred Fire with them, walking in spirit,
fighting for the survival of their race and mother earth, speaking
their profound universal truths from the heart.

"We are Aboriginal people, we have been here since the first sunrise,
since time in memoriam, we are the care takers of this land, this
responsibility has been given to us by Bunjil "the author of nature"
this cannot be broken, this spiritual connection with mother earth is
paramount now for the survival of the whole planet."

*Public Talk*
RMIT Story Hall at the Door
Friday 8 April 8pm Sharp
$5 Conc. $10 Others

A unique and special opportunity for Melbourne Audiences to activate
the reconciliation process within their own lives. Come and listen to
the moving stories these women have to share, experience the spiritual
connection of a culture that dates back to the first sunrise to time
in memoriam and consider the gap in Australian society between the
landmark of Terra Nullus and the continuing hopeless cultural genocide
of many Aboriginal people today. The Aboriginal spiritual connection
to the environment and creation offers a profound opportunity for all
non-Aboriginal people today to reconnect to the inherent truths of our
existence as humans participating in life here on planet earth. What
these women profess and will talk about is the simple, direct but very
profound truths that go beyond the current epoch of materialism, quick
wealth and ongoing destruction, into a new paradigm of an ancient
future. Come and experience a heart felt and logical discussion of how
we as Australians can all come together, look at the truths of our
past and guide ourselves into a future of real balance and prosperity.
For anyone interested in Australian culture this is going to be an
exceptional experience.

With a Welcome to Country by
Wurundjeri Elder & Traditional owner Annette Xiberras

Kathy Travis - Wathaurong Community Member
Isabell Coe - Wiradjuri Elder
Wadjularbinna - Nulyarimma Gungilida Elder
Sue Charles Rankin - Jaara Elder
Bowie Hickey - Gamilaroi Elder
Mari Bennett - Barkenji Elder

100% Benefit Event: all proceeds going to The Aboriginal Tent Embassy
and the Woman Elders Australian Tour with the Sacred Fire - speaking
and sharing vision and wisdom.

*Weekend 'Sacred Fire' Cultural Gathering & Sharing*

Opoeia; eco-arts retreat
Submersed within its own hidden valley, surrounded by the Angahook
State Forest, by the Great Ocean Road
Saturday & Sunday April 9 & 10
With a Welcome to Country by
Wathaurong Community Member Kathy Travis
A Welcoming Dance performance by Wathaurong Children

Talks, Discussion, Workshops, Documentary Films, Story-telling,
Performance, Feast Nite, Art Displays, Information Stalls, Camping,
Bar B-Q & Full Kitchen Facilities, Cabins Available but please book

For those people interested in developing a deeper understanding of
Aboriginal culture. The weekend will offer a bush setting opportunity
to learn, participate and discuss a wide variety of topics, issues and
teaching with the women. This event provides many non-Aboriginal
people with a first real opportunity to meet and share wisdom and
knowledge from Aboriginal women. The weekend will focus on gathering
together to 'Have A Talk'. This is what Aboriginal people do when they
wish to teach, learn and share their very ancient culture. Opoeia Eco
Arts Retreat offers the perfect opportunity for these Indigenous women
to connect in a bush land setting, so they not only share their verbal
knowledge in discussion but also share their spiritual resonance - as
humans connecting consciously within the living matrix of nature and
life. There will be plenty of time for questions, private discussions
and it is a great opportunity for relationships to form so that the
possibility of further cultural sharing and exchanges may come out of
the weekend.

The 'Sacred Fire' of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy was lit in early 1998
and has been burning ever since. Aboriginal people have a deep and
profound spiritual connection with fire through ceremony, healing and
regeneration. The 'Sacred Fire' ashes have traveled and been reignited
all around the country here in Australia and they have been spread to
the Europe, UK, Asia and the America's by indigenous peoples from
around the world. The fire carries a message of Peace, Justice and
Aboriginal Sovereignty. The 'Sacred Fire' will be lit at a Welcoming
Ceremony conducted by an elder from the Wathaurong nation and will
burn over the weekend while the women remain on site.

*The Feast*
A Special food and talk sharing will be held on the Saturday night
from dusk till late that will include live chill music from Mihirangi,
Prime Creator, DJ Kundalini & DJ Krusty, Short Documentary Film
Screenings, Indigenous Dreamtime Stories, Fire Show and lots of
opportunity to meet, talk and share.

Please bring along to share with everybody else at the Feast Either:
1. Entree & Salad, or
2. Main Course, or
3. Desert.
All food will be set out smorgasbord style to share with every one.

Cabins Available, need to book early!

The OPOEIA Kitchen will be cooking and selling meals over the weekend
or bring your own food and use the facilities.
Full facilities for Bar B-Q, Large Communal Camp Kitchen with all
facilities, huge walk in Fridge.

*What to Bring*
A Rug and a Cushion to sit on for all events will be needed. A Blanket
to wear while sitting, listening and talking. A folding chair if you
wish. Camping Equipment. Water Containers. Food. A positive attitude
and an open mind.

Children & Families most welcome! There is ample opportunity and a UFO
room space for a childrens area to be set up should the need arise.
Please contact FOE if you are interested and wish to help out.

*No Dogs!!*

Gate Opens Saturday 8 am
Welcoming Ceremony Saturday 11 am
Discussions & Workshops - throughout Saturday
Feast Saturday Nite
Discussions & Workshops - throughout Sunday
Finish Sunday 4 pm

"Because the Invasion was illegal at international law, all white
people are here illegally. Through recognizing Aboriginal Sovereignty
their presence in this country can be legitimized."
Isabell Coe, spokesperson, Aboriginal Tent Embassy

*Weekend 'Sacred Fire' Cultural Gathering & Sharing*
OPOEIA Eco-Arts Retreat
Tickets available from
Friends of the Earth Collingwood 9419 8700
Ginkgo Warrandyte 9844 5857
Lental As Anything St. Kilda 9534 5833
Martians Cafe Deans Marsh 5236 3350
Swell Cafe Jan Juc 5261 6033

*Tickets Details*
Pre-Sale Conc. $25 Full $35
Door Conc. $35 Full $50.

*Opoeia; eco-arts retreat*
Breakfast Creek Road ,Hidden Valley, Angahook State Forest, Aireys
Inlet, Victoria Ph: +(61-3) 5288 7393

Melways Ref: 611 C10
The quickest and easiest route to Opoeia from Melbourne and Geelong is
inland via Moriac.
However it is possible to reach Opoeia via the Great Ocean Rd

*From Melbourne* --> Inland (1 1/2 hrs)
Take the fwy to Geelong
Drive through Geelong following the Princes Hwy in the direction of
Colac 5km out of Geelong (Waurn Ponds) turn left at Cape Otway Rd
towards Moriac. Follow this road for 18kms through Moriac and
After this 18kms, turn left at Wensleydale Station Rd in
the direction of "Seamist", Wurdiboluc Reservoir will be on your
When the road turns to gravel, Seamist will be on your left.
After 300m of gravel there is an intersection. At this point, follow
the road directly straight into the Angahook State Park (do not turn
left here into Gum flats road)
Continue following gravel road, pass Alsop Track Turn left at the
Fork, this is Breakfast Creek Rd (DO NOT turn right here at Hammonds
Track). Follow for another 3.5km into the valley.
Just over the small bridge, Opoeia's gate is on the left.

*From The Great Ocean Rd* --> Aireys Inlet (11.4 kms)
From Aireys Inlet turn inland into Bambra Rd
After about 1 1/2kms Bambra Rd actually takes a sharp left turn
entering Angahook State Park in the direction of Bambra (Do not
continue straight here into Distillery Creek Rd)
Inside the Park the road turns to gravel (Distillery Creek Picnic
Ground is on the left).
Continue for another 7kms to Pinch Gut Junction.
At junction drive directly straight into Breakfast Creek Rd (Do not
turn left here following Bambra Rd to Bambra).
Follow for another 3.5km.
Opoeia's gate will be on the right

"For all the foreigners it is not too late to come the Right Way and
respect us and accept us as the authority of this land in order to
make peace. We have the recipe for life for this land."
Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna Nation

100% Benefit Event: all proceeds going to The Aboriginal Tent Embassy
and the Woman Elders Australian Tour with the Sacred Fire - speaking
and sharing vision and wisdom.


Aboriginal Tent Embassy

The Lawns - Old Parliament House
King George Terrace

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