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Brisbane Crate Diggaz Co-Op [BC/DC] RECORD FAIR in Brisbane

Announcing the debut of the twice-yearly BC/DC RECORD FAIR in Brisbane.

BC/DC stands for the Brisbane Crate Diggaz Co-Op, a group of like minded record enthusiasts who are working towards a greater good for music in this city.

The fair is to be held on the same day as Weird Gear in APRIL, which is Sunday the 25th. You should be there if you're a vinyl head already!! But if you haven't checked it out by then, this is your chance...

The event kicks off at 3pm. And dealers will stay until 7 or 8pm. It's FREE entry, and it's a late start, so roll through whenever, it will be chill, no frantic diggin'... browse at your own leisure, in the comfort that is the RUMPUS ROOM. Portable turntables will be supplied with headphones, so if you need to listen, the gear is there... just bring yourself, your duckets and your mind.

The dealers at the fair are hand-picked because they are experts in their own field.... we will only be selling hip-hop, jazz, funk, prog/psych rock, soul, disco and food for the SAMPLERS...

All dealers come from a hip-hop/diggin' perspective and you can ask for what you need... Any requests for certain records or artists, please post them here and the crew will check it out and try bring stuff of that vein... lots of drum breaks, loops, rap singles, hip-hop records, etc. to be found. There will be cheap records, and there will be expensive records. But all of it will be priced reasonably, not eBay or popsike prices.

DJ Sheep (Tasman Connection)
Bruce Highway (Moist Wreckers)
Milesago (Rocking Horse)
Blunted Stylus (Jigsaw Geoff)
Jacquey (Worldwide Grooves)
Chubba (Phat Tape)
DJ Damage (Terntable Jediz)

+ Special guest MATTY FRESH selling a huge selection of dope NIKES from his store

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