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Beyond Zero Emissions - Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan released

Beyond Zero Emissions was established in 2006 out of a concern that the stated climate change goals of other environmental organisations at the time contradicted the scientific literature. Policies these organisations were calling for if realised would see atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise, thereby causing devastation from global warming.

Luckily, this has now begun to change, with the grassroots climate action movement, made up of over 200 groups across Australia adopting a policy of 100% renewable energy for Australia by 2020, and recognising that the current science is explicit in saying that there is already to much carbon in the atmosphere. Some of the bigger environment groups are also moving in this direction.

From its inception, Beyond Zero Emissions' goal has been to help facilitate a timely transition to a zero carbon future where atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are reduced to a safe threshold. The group focusses on both the research, education and promulgation of scientifically-based policy and technology solutions in order to realise this transition.

The "Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan" summary and full report are available for download & purchase via the website. important reading for all Australians

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