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Beijing digital arts and sound art links

started making a list of Beijing (& some Shanghai & general China) digital media arts & sound art projects & links. I haven't seen any of these projects in person, but they all sound interesting. some may no longer be active..


Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory

Tsinghua University is one of the most acclaimed higher learning establishments and a national key research institute in China.

The University considers the confluence of art and science to be a primary subject for higher education in the twenty-first century. In response to the University’s mandate, its branch of arts education, The Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, has hosted a ground-breaking exhibition and symposia series titled “The Millennium Dialogue: Beijing International New Media Art Exhibition and Symposium” in 2004, 2005 and 2006, positioning itself at the forefront of new media art discourse and production and as a leader in advocating new creative visions by linking art, science and technology among China’s finest art and educational institutions.


Arthub Asia

ArtHub is a multi-disciplinary organization devoted to contemporary art creation in China and rest of Asia. In collaboration with museums and other public / private spaces and institutions, it initiates and delivers ambitious art projects through a sustained dialogue with visual, performance, and new media artists. Inspired by the opportunities generated by the collective intelligence of the thinkers across media, Arthub serves as a collaborative production lab, a creative think tank as well as a curatorial research platform. Arthub is committed to furthering experimentation, knowledge-production and diversity among dedicated artists, art professionals, scholars, and arts organizations in the region.


Continua gallery Beijing

::: seems like the Chinese youtube - here's a nice video from Hitlike (


Ice breaking - Hitlike's links


Berlin China Cultural Bridges (BCCB)

Berlin China Cultural Bridges (BCCB) is an organization that promotes cultural exchange between Berlin and the creative cities of China. BCCB initiates and organizes exhibitions, discussion forums, lectures with the creative who live and work in these cities as well as exchange programs and collaborative projects.


shanghai unlike

the definitive city guide for the mobile generation


The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) - beijing

The Central Academy of Fine Arts, located in Beijing, the capital of China, is an academy where culture, history and art are flourishing, which enjoys the best art resources of the world. CAFA, as a leading institution for modern art education in China, provides a rich land for those who wish to learn experience and engage in creativities, which has nurtured quite a lot of pre-eminent artists in the past ninety years.


Shanghai in Art


World Expo 2010


Vitamin Creative Space

Vitamin Creative Space is exploring an alternative working mode, specifically geared to the contemporary Chinese context. In order to operate independently from institutionalized funding, it is active both as an "independent" art space and as a "commercial" gallery. Vitamin Creative Space is actively challenging the preconception by merging these two, which traditionally are opposed strategies for supporting and presenting contemporary art, raising the searching of new Chinese contributions both from artistic practice level and institutional level within the new global context.


2009 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture


Building a City - article about the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Biennale


idutang space
idutang space(一渡堂艺术空间) is the first art space into the OCT-LOFT in Shenzhen, focusing on design, exhibition, performances, art galleries, artist studios.
Address: 深圳市南山区华侨城恩平路文化创意园F3栋(OCAT当代艺术中心左侧)
F3 Block(left of OCAT) OCT-LOFT, Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen
Contact: liangxiaowu21 AT
-- an artspace that has jazz, folk, sound art, noise, experimental / avant garde, electronica music performances as well as dance pieces


douban - event listings (non-English)

Shenzhen events


noise asia

noise music label & artists + projects


Asian culture link

concerts, workshops, publications, events


Dawang Culture Highland
Dawang Culture Highland (Dawang Village,Luohu District,Shenzhen)
art space in Shenzhen China (this link may be broken?)
about page via google translate

Dawang Culture Highland is located in the 长菲农场 that is situated at San Tin Tsai, Tong Road, Luohu District. Its eastern side is adjacent to Wutong Mountains; its western side is bordered by Sha Wan Road; in the southern side is Shenzhen East Lake Reservoir. Dawang covers an area of 3000 acres. Its location provides a beautiful ecological environment with green mountains, clear water and fresh air. Dawang is invested and constructed by Dafei Culture. It is a fashion and culture industry mainly based on modern arts and creative industry, with tourism and leisure as supplement. Dawang upholds the belief of “achieving high-quality Chinese culture and arts, cultivating and exploiting first-class cultural and artistic talents”. It dedicates itself to providing an exchange platform for Chinese and foreign culture and arts, and to making every effort to promote Chinese culture and arts to the world. Dawang is a unified operational base that is composed of gallery, creative animation production, creative video production, creative works exhibition, original design house, original art works exchange center, creative culture, original art, and painters studio. It will be gradually transformed into a culture base that is mainly concentrated on modern art and creative industry, with tourism and leisure as supplement. In the future, Luohu will make use of the advantageous side of Dawang to vastly develop creative culture industry in the village of Dawang and Wutong, and gradually build a unique town namely “Dawang Wutong Art Town”. This will further reinforce the foundation of Luohu creative culture industry. The newly-transformed Dawang culture and arts center has a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters. Various types of arts and cultural activities and exhibitions will be held from time to time to bring in world-class arts and cultural works to our region.



Buddha Boxing Beijing

Zhang Jian takes Buddha Boxing to a new level with his custom-built, kinetic Kung-Fu sound sculpture.

Inspired by the ancient Wing Tsun “wooden man” training device, Zhang mixes martial and sonic arts with this interactive Buddha Machine performance.

::: - hear sounds around China by clicking on the map points. nice #locative project


Overlapping discrete city boundaries project


Put thirty spokes together to one hub,
 The original empty space makes the use of wheel.
Knead clay into vessels,
 The original empty space makes the use of vessel.
Shape door and windows for a house/room,
 The original empty space makes the use of house/room.
So the things that are made are only conditions,
 What [we] are using is still the original empty space.
Laozi - Chapter 11

This is the era of the city, of hyper-production of images and of new media it emerges a need for a rethinking on the concept of time, a reflection on the idea of memory that appears as the complex place within which to build emotions and verify connections and assumptions about the different relationship strategies. All these factors converge to one dimension, like a progressive archive, which increasingly shifts its physical size to a fragmented flow: several places, as many times and many places in our lives have become a multi-dimensional compound of physical places, still more and more geared to virtual spaces in continuous re-definition. Therefore a geography for the human body strives for a new map, a map that needs to be as conscious and receptive as these constant changes that fuel our lives. From rural surroundings and European landscapes to Asian megacities reality explored by those who decide to investigate these issues is redrawn suggesting new borders and boundaries, new ways of relating to space. This is the way emotional geography works : it maps all the different places we experience, involving our own sensitivity but it acts through the concluded time of a detailed research. This is the meaning emerging from Alessandro Carboni research, an artist who has become a keen observer and interpreter of geo-cultural politics.


A ferry Church Art Space

(google translated page)

Members: 1 Ferry Church Art Space / herbal tea / Neo Sound
联系方式 / tel:+86 755 86106046 Contact: / tel: +86 755 86106046
地址 :深圳南山区恩平街华侨城创意文化园(OCT-LOFT)F3栋墨客空间(OCT当代艺术中心左侧) F3 Block,Mooka Space,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Enping Street Creative Culture Park (OCT-LOFT) F3 Building scholars to space (OCT Contemporary Art Center on the left) F3 Block, Mooka Space, Enping Road, Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen
深圳南山区地图(map): Shenzhen Nanshan District Map (map):
官方网址 : Official Website:
———————————————————————————————————————————————————— -------------------------------------------------- -
音乐、设计、建筑、影像、艺术、独立电影.... Music, design, architecture, images, art and independent films ....
一渡堂艺术空间,艺术愉悦生活。 A ferry Church Art Space, Art joy of life.
一渡堂idutang 小组页面 Church idutang a transition team page m/group/mookaspace/ m / group / mookaspace /
一渡堂idutang 豆瓣页面 A transition together idutang watercress page m/people/idutang/ m / people / idutang /
一渡堂idutang 的同城主办方页面 A transition of the same city hall idutang host page m/host/idutang/ m / host / idutang /
一渡堂idutang 博客http://idutang.blogb A transition together idutang blog http://idutang.blogb
音乐演出联系(contact): Music Performance Contact (contact):
邮箱 E-mail:
展览活动联系(contact): Exhibition links (contact):
邮箱 E-mail:
电话:+86 755 86106046 (Am10:00-Pm:12:00) Tel: +86 755 86106046 (Am10 :00-Pm: 12:00)
手机:+86 13510223819 (钟先生) Mobile: +86 13510223819 (Chung)
一渡堂idutang —— 专业的音乐演出、展览等文化艺术活动场地 A ferry Church idutang - professional music performances, exhibitions, arts and cultural venues


Twin Cities Acoustic Music Workshop 2010 speech recorded @ Shenzhen

(google translated page)

Start time: October 30, 2010 Saturday 16:00
结束时间: 2010年10月31日周日22:00 End Time: October 31, 2010 Sunday 22:00
地点:深圳宝安区F518 Location: Shenzhen Baoan District F518
主办方: 声演坊 Hosted by: Sound speech Square Sponsor
组织者: 雷豆豆 葵, nakin 神不能法式湿吻 木瓜 内个熊 我爱大海 ob_la_di 挚爱M 我是谁? Organiser: Ray Peas Kwai, nakin God can not be wet French kiss papaya in a bear I love the sea ob_la_di love M Who am I? valder 西亚亚 DennisGerrard 桐岛 没注销 蘑菇球人去越南 valder Xi Yaya DennisGerrard Kirishima not write off the ball mushroom people to Vietnam
类型:音乐/演出 Type: Music / Performance
608人感兴趣 234人参加 234 608 people interested in participating

活动介绍 Activities
【活动】2010声演坊双城乐记@深圳 【Activities】 2010 Square Twin Cities acoustic music performances recorded @ Shenzhen
【时间】10月30日(周六) 【Time】 10 月 30 日 (周六)
【地点】深圳 【Location】 Shenzhen
【场馆】F518 【Venue】 F518
【地址】深圳市宝安区•宝源路•F518时尚创意园•创展中心 【Address】 Bao'an District, Shenzhen City Po Yuen Road • F518 • Fashion Exhibition Centre, Innovation Park • Innovation
【阵容】麦斯米兰,CLUB 8,诶姆,守麦 【Lineup】 Maisimilan, CLUB 8, eh Farm, Shou Mai
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
【活动】2010声演坊双城乐记@深圳 【Activities】 2010 acoustic music recorded speech Square Twins @ Shenzhen
【时间】10月31日(周日) 【Time】 10 月 31 日 (周日)
【地点】深圳 【Location】 Shenzhen
【场馆】F518 【Venue】 F518
【地址】深圳市宝安区•宝源路•F518时尚创意园•创展中心 【Address】 Bao'an District, Shenzhen City Po Yuen Road • F518 • Fashion Exhibition Centre, Innovation Park • Innovation
【阵容】Tamas Wells,Chris Garneau,杨千墀,梁颖 】 【Lineup Tamas Wells, Chris Garneau, Yeung Chi, Liang Ying

欢迎加入此次音乐盛宴。 Welcome to the musical feast.

主办方:【声演坊】 Organizer: Workshop】 【sound speech
官方博客: Official blog: .cn/u/1496908703 .cn/u/1496908703
豆瓣主办方: Watercress sponsor: m/host/Soundbloom/ m / host / Soundbloom /
淘宝店: http://shop33254589. Taobao shop: http://shop33254589. t ... (全部) t ... (all)


note: google translated this page - Merlin should be Meilin. I really like google's mistake though - to me it seems like this project is 'in search of the magic in shenzhen, and the magicians making the magic'

"In Search of Shenzhen" in the second quarter - Merlin Explore

Coaster Raid website for more details

Start time: September 11, 2010 Saturday 09:00
结束时间: 2010年10月10日周日23:55 End Time: October 10, 2010 Sunday 23:55
地点:深圳福田区上梅林中康南路8号圆筒艺术空间 Location: Meilin, Futian District, Shenzhen, Road No. 8 cylinder in the Connan Art Space
主办方: Art De vivre·圆筒 Organizer: Art De vivre · cylinder Sponsor

address: Art De viver Sculpture Academy No.8 Zhongkang Rd.,Shangmeilin / 福田区 上梅林中康路八号 雕塑家园圆筒

组织者: Troy PechaKucha_sz Organizer: Troy PechaKucha_sz
类型:讲座/沙龙 Type: Lecture / Salon
135人感兴趣 35人参加 135 interested people attended 35

活动介绍 Activities
“寻找深圳” — 梅林探索 "In Search of Shenzhen" - Merlin Explore

很长时间里,深圳都被认为是一个没有传统的都市,触手向四面伸展,路网无远弗届。 For a long time, Shenzhen is considered to be without a traditional city, surrounded by tentacles extend to the road network far and wide. 这是一个高速运转而能量持续涌出、不断变动的地方。 This is a high speed and continuous emission of energy, changing place.

“寻找深圳”是一场由九位(组)不同领域的艺术工作者,知识分子,以及创意人士围绕一个区域进行探索,交流以及以该地区为主题完成一项作品的城市创意探索活动。 "In Search of Shenzhen" is a nine patients (group) in different areas of artists, intellectuals and creative people to explore around a regional exchange, and subject to the completion of a work area of the city's creative exploration. 我们希望通过这个活动可以让我们这些居住和工作在深圳的人,可以用自己的想法来定义、或是重新审视这座城市。 We hope this event will allow us to live and work in Shenzhen, who can own the 想法 to define, or re-examine this city. 活动包括一个为期两天的的工作营,由这九位(组)人士对目标区域进行自由探索、与当地居民交流,其中有一个晚上与其他参与者进行思想交流、创意碰撞。 Activities include a two-day work camp, from which nine (group) who were free to explore the target area, communication with local residents, including a night exchange of ideas with other participants, creative collision. 然后参与者将有一个多月的时间进行独立创作,最后我们会将九部作品荟集起来,举行一个大型的发布会向公众展示,并期望.. (全部) Then participants will have more than a month to conduct an independent creation, 9 Finally, we will gather together works to hold a large conference to the public display, and look forward to .. (all)
“寻找深圳” — 梅林探索 "In Search of Shenzhen" - Merlin Explore

很长时间里,深圳都被认为是一个没有传统的都市,触手向四面伸展,路网无远弗届。 For a long time, Shenzhen is considered to be without a traditional city, surrounded by tentacles stretching to the road network far and wide. 这是一个高速运转而能量持续涌出、不断变动的地方。 This is a high speed and continuous emission of energy, changing place.

“寻找深圳”是一场由九位(组)不同领域的艺术工作者,知识分子,以及创意人士围绕一个区域进行探索,交流以及以该地区为主题完成一项作品的城市创意探索活动。 "In Search of Shenzhen" is a nine patients (group) in different areas of artists, intellectuals and creative people to explore around a regional exchange as well as the theme of the area to complete a creative exploration activities in the city works. 我们希望通过这个活动可以让我们这些居住和工作在深圳的人,可以用自己的想法来定义、或是重新审视这座城市。 We hope this event will allow those of us living and working in Shenzhen, who can use their ideas to define, or re-examine the city. 活动包括一个为期两天的的工作营,由这九位(组)人士对目标区域进行自由探索、与当地居民交流,其中有一个晚上与其他参与者进行思想交流、创意碰撞。 Activities include a two-day work camp, from which nine (group) of free people in the target area to explore with the local people exchanges, including one night with the other participants to exchange ideas, creative collision. 然后参与者将有一个多月的时间进行独立创作,最后我们会将九部作品荟集起来,举行一个大型的发布会向公众展示,并期望与公众展开更多的讨论。 Then participants will have more than a month to conduct an independent creation, 9 Finally, we will gather together works to hold a large conference to the public display, and look forward to more discussions with the public launch.

本次“寻找深圳”的目标区域,百万居民在此融汇,城中村与大型市政住宅区为邻,大型郊野公园的青山绿水和烈士陵园、基督教堂、清真寺等人文场所相映成趣; The "search for Shenzhen" of the target area, millions of residents in this blend, Urban Village and adjacent to a large municipal residential, large country parks mountains and martyrs cemetery, Christian churches, mosques and other humanistic areas side by side;
这里有全市最集中的设计创意产业群,设计、绘画、雕塑、摄影、建筑,超过1000名设计师在这里聚集; Here are the design of the city's most concentrated cluster of creative industries, design, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, more than 1,000 designers gathered here;
古典的、现代的,过去的、未来的,传统的生活方式与现代的工作节奏在这里碰撞; Classical, modern, past, future, traditional way of life and the modern pace of work where the collision;
每分每秒、每日每夜,它都在瞬间突变,形成新的体态; Every minute, day and every night, which are mutations in an instant to form a new body;
特异美学在这里快速感染,并向全城蔓延。 Specific aesthetic here fast infection spread to the whole city.

这里曾一度被忽略,而现在 Here was once ignored, and now
这里什么都有,什么都不缺。 They have everything here, nothing missing.
于是,“寻找深圳”第二季,我们将镜头聚焦到这个具有独特气质的片区 Thus, "In Search of Shenzhen" in the second quarter, we will focus the lens to the unique qualities of the Area
发现、记录、探索—— 梅林。 Find, record, explore - Merlin.

加入我们,一起去发现梅林。 Join us to find Merlin.
以艺术家敏感之眼,观察梅林错综交融之美; Eye of an artist sensitive to observe the intricate blend of the beauty of Merlin;
以评论家深刻之眼,讲述梅林百味故事之根; To the profound critic eye, SUBWAY story about Merlin the root;
以悟道者静慧之眼,领会梅林日夜生灭之光。 Jing Hui to enlightenment by eye, understanding Merlin birth and death day and night light.
以鹰的视野、风的听觉、花的气息、茶的余香、泉的细腻、你的好奇、一起来阅读这精彩如迷—— Eagle vision, hearing the wind, the breath of flowers, tea fragrance of delicate spring, your curiosity, read in this wonderful example of a fan -
梅林! Merlin!
如果你想加入,我们接受任何表达你创意想法的方式,把握机会,共同与生活并工作在这里的人, If you want to join, we accept any way to express your creative ideas, take the opportunity to live and work together with the people here,
分享你的独特感受,投入: Share your unique experience, input:
“寻找深圳” - 梅林探索 "In Search of Shenzhen" - Merlin Explore
用你的眼睛寻找深圳之魅! Shenzhen, with your eyes looking for the charm!

招募创作者: Recruitment creator:
欢迎任何愿以创意手法表达对梅林地区观感、祈望和想像的人士报名参与,我们将从报名者中选取九位(组),经过“(集体)工作营”和“(个体)创作”两个阶段,最后于发布会之夜向公众展示您的创作成果。 Willing to welcome any creative way to express their impressions of Merlin area, hope and imagination of those who signed up, we will select applicants in nine (group), after "(collective) work camp" and "(individual) creation of" two stage, the final night at the conference to the public display of your creations.

申请: Application:
也许你创意爆棚,也许你生于斯长于斯,又或者对这里有着足够的好奇,我们都欢迎你加入成为创作的一员。 Maybe you're bursting with ideas, maybe you are born in, or right here with enough curiosity, we welcome you to become a member of creation. 请直接发豆邮给我们报名,附上您的:姓名、职业、性别、年龄、手机号码、电邮、创作构想、意图使用的表现方式等资料,也可直接发送电邮至,我们将挑选最富创意而表达手法各异的九位(组)人士参与创作。 Please send email to us bean registration, include your: name, occupation, gender, age, phone number, email, creative ideas, expressions of intent to use such information, may also be sent by email to riptide.shenzhen @ gmail. com, we will select the most creative and diverse methods of expression to the nine (group) to participate in creation.

第一阶段:工作营 The first phase: work camp
时间:2010年9月11日上午9:00-12日下午6:00 Time: September 11, 2010 9:00-12 am and 6:00 pm
地点:圆筒艺术空间、梅林片区 Location: Cylinder Art Space, Merlin Area
人员:参与创作人士 Officer: creative people involved in
内容:现场实地考察、采访和参与创作人士的头脑风暴会议不断交替进行 Content: On-site field visits, interviews and participating in creative brainstorming session to continue alternating

第二阶段:个人创作 Phase II: Personal Writing
时间:2010年9月13日-10月30日 Time: September 13, 2010 -10 30
内容:参与者各自独立创作 Content: Participants create their own independent

第三阶段:作品发布:寻找深圳- 梅林探索发布会 Phase III: Works Published: Find Shenzhen - Merlin exploration conference
时间:2010年10月31日晚7:00-10:00 Time: the evening of 31 October 2010 7:00-10:00
地点:圆筒艺术空间户外广场 Venue: Outdoor Plaza Art Space cylinder
地址:福田区上梅林中康南路8号雕塑家园大院内 Address: Meilin, Futian District, No. 8 in the Connan Road, sculpture in the courtyard of their homes
内容:九位(组)作品以声音/画面、多媒体、现场表演等多种形式予以发布;会后更有After Party供大家深度交流 Content: 9 (group) works with the sound / image, multimedia, live performances and other forms to be issued; even after the After Party for all to share the depth of
人员:欢迎任何有兴趣人士、梅林居民光临参与,探讨及分享各位的创作。 Officer: welcome any interested parties to visit Merlin residents to participate, explore and share you creations.


ritpide creative collection
- this collective is organizing the "In Search of Shenzhen" project and they organize the Shenzhen Pecha Kucha nights


Plaza Book Bar

(google translated page)


Art De vivre - cylinder

(google translated page)

Contact :86-755-82510369
地址 :深圳福田区上梅林中康路八号深圳市公共艺术中心一楼 Address: Shenzhen Futian District, Shenzhen Mei Lin Zhongkang Road on the 8th floor of public art center
Art De viver Sculpture Academy No.8 Zhongkang Rd.,Shangmeilin / 福田区 上梅林中康路八号 雕塑家园圆筒
简介 : Description:
交通:乘坐102、216、218、222、429、431、447、470、466、474大、中巴到“上梅林市场”站下均可到达 Transportation: Take 102,216,218,222,429,431,447,470,466,474 large, Pakistan to "the Merlin market" station can be reached


Shenzhen travel

Shenzhen travel wiki
Shenzhen ferry schedule (from Hong Kong) - Shenzhen Shekou or Shenzhen Fuyong


Dialogue on Arts, Culture & Climate Change

Shu Yang is an independent curator, critic and artist. He received his Bachelor degree in art in 1993 and Master degree in arts in 1996 from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. He taught fine art in Architecture Department of Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction from 1996 to 1998. He moved to Beijing in 1997. He taught as visiting lecturer at Art & Design Academy of North China University of Technology in Beijing from 2000 to 2003 and was a member of the Beijing Paper Tiger Theater Studio from 2000 to 2006. Shu Yang worked as executive editor of Chinese contemporary art magazine Next Wave in 2001. He curated the China’s New Photography at 2nd Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2002. Participated as independent curator of China-UK Arts Management Placement Programme at Visiting Arts in London and Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, initiated DaDao Live Art Festival and curated China’s Photographic Painting in 2003. He is a member of Independent Chinese Pen Center since 2004 and curated Dashanzi International Art Festival from 2004 to 2006. He worked as chief-editor of art Magazine 798 Art Info, planner of 798 Biennale 1 and director of SOHO Newtown Cinema of Eshu Art House in 2005. To be visiting professor for Performance Art Class at 3rd Studio of Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts and artistic director of Inter Art Center at 798 Art Zone, Beijing in 2006. He is the curator of magazine art and a programmer of Beijing Lightning Factory in 2007. He is the art director of DaDao Live Art Festival and curator of Live Art Biennale of China in 2008.


"SOHO New Town Cinema of Eshu Centre"


Kenneth Fields

beijing sound art


Kenneth Fields


Electroacoustic Music Studies Network

2006, Beijing. Terminology and Translation Conference


Electronic Music in China article

Although the beginnings of electronic and computer music in China date back only to the mid-1980s, early initiatives by a small number of individual enterprising composers have spawned a wealth of diverse activity. Several key composers studied abroad and returned to China grounded in various European æsthetics and compositional and technical disciplines, while at the same time traditional Chinese instruments and æsthetics have often emerged as integral elements in a new, complex and fascinating musical synthesis.

The most significant developments in electronic music have taken place at the Central Conservatory in Beijing, but creative work has grown at other universities and, more recently, outside academia. As composer Ping Jin observes, the number of institutions with studios is likely to grow as resources become available: “Many conservatories have been trying to build a program but lack both faculty and funding.” Speaking for the non-academic musicians, composer Dajuin Yao cites a Chinese proverb: “The wrapping can no longer contain the fire inside.”


The China Electronic Music Center

Introduction. The China Electronic Music Center was founded in 1993 by Professor Zhang Xiaofu. CEMC is a pioneer in China for the academic study and production of computer music. The studios are professionally equipped for mulifunctional use including digital recording and composition of electronic music. CEMC is the leader in developing curriculum and research for computer music in China. The mission of the center is to promote the entrance of electronic music onto the stage of the modern music concert hall while inquiring into the cultural aspects of chinese electronic music.


Sound Art in China


Red Gate Gallery

Founded in 1991 by Brian Wallace who first arrived in China in 1984, Red Gate Gallery is the first private contemporary art gallery to be established in China. Prior to opening its doors at the 600-year old Ming dynasty watchtower in Dongbienmen, Brian Wallace has started from the late 80s to organize and curate exhibitions for young Chinese artists in other exotic locations such as the Ancient Observatory Tower.

Today, Red Gate is recognized both as a tour de force and trail blazer in the history and development of the contemporary Chinese art scene. Over the last 18 years, the gallery has been engaging and promoting Chinese artists by exhibiting the best of Chinese contemporary art as well as facilitating cultural exchanges and dialogues between China and the rest of the world through its vibrant residency program established in 2001.

Red Gate gallery represents 18 artists who work with various medium, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving local art scene. With monthly exhibitions, the gallery showcases painting, works-on-paper, graphics, sculpture, photography and installation by both established artists and emerging talents. The gallery also holds regular special exhibitions in collaboration with guest curators and galleries from China as well as overseas. In addition, Red Gate gives art talks for various organizations and holds charity events and various functions as part of the gallery’s aim to cultivate interest and appreciation for Chinese contemporary art on the whole.


Musicacoustica Festival

Annually Musicacoustica Festival held in Beijing and has become a worldwide known Festival. It attracts many experts' attention in international electro acoustic music and multimedia fields. As the initiator and sponsor of Musicacoustica, the only international modern electro acoustic music festival in China, Central Conservatory of Music has successfully conducted many electro acoustic music concerts in different subjects and master classes in different academic fields in 1994, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2005 successively. All of these events filled academic gaps in the same field in China and positively contribute to the development of Chinese electro acoustic music.


The Frontier of Chinese Experimental Music and Sound Art Dajuin Yao in conversation with Aaron Ximm

Chinese sound artist Dajuin Yao talks about his work as a field recordist, radio host, founder of label Post-Concrete, and organizer of Sounding Beijing, the first-ever experimental sound art festival in China. Dajuin plays released and unreleased work from his label, his archive, and his China Sound Unit field recording project.

Compiled and edited by Yao in 2003, the double CD "China: The Sonic Avant Garde" continues to be one of Vermilion Sounds' favourites CD . Highly recommended.

Interviewer Aaron Ximm is a field recordist and sound artist best known for his Quiet American project ( and the Field Effects concert series he hosts in San Francisco.


Sounding Beijing Festival 2003





CHINA – the sonic avant-garde

POST 005 2xCD digipak

This first-ever, 2-hour survey of the current experimental music and sound art scene in Mainland China features 15 artists mostly in their twenties from all over the country. The double-CD set shows what is really happening today on the Chinese new music cutting-edge. No more symphonies or string quartets with self-Orientalizing titles and pentatonic motifs. In fact, you won't hear one Chinese instrument here. The incredibly wide range of styles cover everything from plunderphonics, musique concrete, experimental electronics, ambient, sample collage, plug-in modulation, text-sound, sound poetry, mixer feedback improv, hardcore noise, radio art, political satire, to post-concrete recording art documenting a family karaoke scene. This is only the beginning of something unpredictable. No to be missed.


Resonance Exhibition/ Performance/Talks, Samson Young and Yao Chung-Han

Resonance an exhibition about the word sound. It is about the sound of the word, the meaning of the word, and the usage of the word; that is to say, it asks what sound is, how sound is used, and what sound can do. One may wonder why an artist would choose to work with sound, as opposed to music or visual art, but would find that answers are rarely forthcoming.

Resonance attempts to present an abstracted territory for this dialogue, stripping sound down to its most basic elements; the same elements that contribute to the other creative modes and methods in question. Just as Seth Kim-Cohen, working in the Duchampian conceptual tradition in his book In the Blink of an Ear, has called for an art of “non-cochlear sound” opposed to the “sound-in-itself” associated with John Cage, this project wonders what happens when the sound is removed from sound art. As an exhibition, it engages in the transformation of music into sound, of sound into pressure, and of the sonic into an anti-essentialist conceptual program.

The goal of this curatorial program, writ large, is to re-examine the underpinnings of the characteristic styles, concepts, and devices that have come to represent the genre of sound within the field of contemporary art. In this vision, sound moves from medium or material to a more historically and contextually loaded territory, an object that can no more reject the lineages of both Cage and Duchamp than it can avoid participation in the carnival of post-conceptualism altogether. I/O (Input/Output) presents the works of two artists currently working through this problem: Samson Young, the Hong Kong composer, scholar, and artist known for his contributions to everything from game art to new classical performance, and Yao Chung-Han, the Taipei-based sound artist widely recognized for his research into the breakdown points of the technological matrix that surrounds us. Both are representatives of the new wave of emerging sound cultures across greater China and into the international sphere, offering new points of entry into these questions.

Yao Chung-Han here includes the installation, I Will Be Broken (2010), a floor-to-ceiling suspended column of circular fluorescent lamps tied together in a mesmerizing totem with its own power cords. As the piece slowly strangles itself into forced obsolescence with the surges of electricity through both body and frame, its lighting sources fluctuate along with a soft, uncanny buzzing. Although the visual spectacle and conceptual nervousness are at first domineering, the work functions primarily on the level of and through the medium of sound, emitting an atonal and unpredictable sound that requires attention by virtue of its low volume and commands consideration based on its ever-evolving almost organic state. Here, sound is a by-product that comes to both lead and stand in for an abstract choreography of relevance and terror that plays out on the stages of perception, ultimately creating an un-composed cacophony through physical experience.

Approaching the sound barrier from the other direction, Samson Young strips down music to some of its most basic elements, ultimately transforming it into sound. For the installation, Beethoven Piano Sonata,
nr.1 - nr.14 (Senza Misura) (2010), the artist has programmed forty-seven exposed circuit boards, each one simultaneously ticking and blinking to the tempo of a single movement of all of Beethoven's early fourteen piano sonatas. The effect is mesmerizing both visually and sonically, recalling the aesthetics of

Gyorgy Ligeti's, Poeme Symphonique for 100 metronome, more than anything else, but simultaneously stripping down such musical experiments in timing and composition to a naked framework of pure temporality, creating a totalizing experiment that verges on pure sound without reducing itself to the exercises in taste typical of sound-in-itself.

I/O Gallery is proud to offer a stage for these explorations of physical sensation, cognition, composition, temporality, and destruction. Conceived in collaboration with the Society for Experimental Cultural Production, this exhibition-along with an associated series of performances and talks featuring Yang Yeung, Cedric Maridet, and Yao Dajuin among others-hopes to throw into relief the problems that mark discourses of sound, art, music, and new media today, contributing to an ongoing conversation.

Artist Biographies
Yao Chung-Han
Yao Chung -Han was born in Taipei and graduated in 2008 from the Graduate School of Art and Technology, Taipei National University of the Art. He is an active member of the new generation of sound artists in Taiwan, which include the group IO Lab. His works are mostly concerned with sound, while at the same time, searching for the ultimate connections between video, installation, space and various media.

Recent exhibitions include: Non-Places-Architecture of Pheromonal Presence, Architecture Exhibition, SCU, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010; Emergencies!014, NTT ICC, Tokyo, Japan, 2010; TOKYO STORY, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan, 2010; SuperGeneration@TAIWAN, Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing, China 2010 and Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2009.

Samson Young
With formal training in classical music and a keen eye for visuals, spatial installations and new technologies, Samson Young has been known to combine his diverse interests into uniquely intermedia concert experiences. Beyond the classical concert stage, Young’s creative output spans the widest possible range: from composition for symphony orchestra and live electronics, to amusement ride-turned-interactive installation, to multi-channel video featuring himself dressed as a character from a well know children’s television progrmame.


Chinese sound art: 2,500 years of listening
public talk by Yao Dajuin

Founder of China Sound Unit and educator, Yao Dajuin gives a talk addressing the history of Chinese ways of listening and how it compares and conflicts with those of the West.
*in English, supplemented by Mandarin

Dajuin Yao is a sound artist, music producer, curator, radio host, art historian. For decades, Dajuin has been promoting experimental music through radio shows, websites and teaching. He has curated large-scale international new media events, including Sounding Beijing 2003 and the opening ceremony for the 2008 Shanghai eArts Festival. In 1997 Dajuin founded China Sound Unit, which is devoted to documenting and recontextualizing Chinese urban sound phenomena with a series of recordings, performances and installations. Each installation covers one city and makes use of various historical, spatial and aural analogies. Dajuin is also the producer of the sound art record label Post-Concrete. He has developed full curricula in sound art in China and Taiwan and currently teaches at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou.

Enquiry: Yeung Yang –
presented by soundpocket


Get It Louder – Sound Art


Fu Yu + Jia Haiqing (8gg)
Jin Shan
Justin Zhong Minjie
Li Chin-sung
Li Jianhong
Lin Zhiying
Stefanie L. Ku
Sun Lei (718)
Wang Changcun
Xu Cheng


China's first electronic music festival to shake Beijing


BEIJING, May 21 -- China's first electronic music festival is set to shake Beijing this weekend, giving DJs and their disciples the official stamp of approval for what used to be seen as a decadent Western youth movement.

INTRO 2009 (Ideas Need to Reach Out) stars more than 20 foreign and local VJs and DJs playing 15 hours of continuous music at D-Park in the 798 Art Zone, to an expected audience of 10,000 people.


INTRO will focus on electronic music as an art form, hoping to drag rave out from its underground shadows into the light of day.
Acupuncture Records managing director Miao Wong says electronic music is not intrinsically anti-social. On the contrary, it is simply a kind of music played by DJs and a lifestyle choice for its fans. "There is always a positive and negative," she says. "People can do bad things but we want to focus on the bright side and do it right."

The Party supports this party. It is part of the Meet In Beijing Arts Festival, which is sponsored by the China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA), under the Ministry of Culture, Beijing municipal government and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.


Someone with a firm grasp of the history of electronic music in Asia is DJ @llen, also known as the "Godfather of Electronic Music in Taiwan", who currently plies his trade in Beijing. An organizer and DJ of Taipei's first rave in 1995, he says it was a do-it-yourself operation, using his own turntables and rented loudspeakers.

"It's harder to do DIY parties here because of the police and government. It (the mainland) has skipped most of the DIY stuff and gone straight to the commercial this is a very professionally organized event - just look at the promotion and list of sponsors."
He is dubious about INTRO's status as China's first electronic music festival and cites O2culture and the Yen DJ collective as being among this country's pioneers. Underlining this assertion is the fifth anniversary of the Yen Electronic Music Events series that will be held next month, also at the 798 Art Zone.