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awoken by flashes of light & sound

last night: there's a really crazy electrical storm happening outside right now. thunder & lightning flashes every few secs. hardly any rain. woke me up. I've never seen anything like it. not even evening summer Queensland thunderstorms. it's a bit scary actually. all that power in Nature. woke up due to noise + light flashing coming in the window. realized it was from outside.

you can't really hear the thunder in the video but it's loud and rumbling and constant. the flashes of lightning are quite regular

this is the view from my bed of the curtains. there's heavy curtains on the side and light gauze type curtains in the centre of the room. the light is flashing into the room and thunder is growling at the same time (though I don't think you can hear it on the video)

early morning 12-12:45am 09/09/2010

and the view from the window looking over the city

an audio recording of the thunder:

ogg format
audio recording of midnight thunderstorm in Shenzhen China 09/09/2010. the crisp sounds are the rain - there's only light rain. the heavier distorted sounds are the thunder, it's not how it really sounds now, but shows the frequency of it. the real sound is deeper & cleaner - more rumbling

at the time I didn't know what the sound and light was. thought there was something really wrong going on. one of the guys at work said it freaked him out too so I didn't feel so bad after that. this evening as I was walking home from work there was another smaller storm like this but it only lasted about 10mins (whilst I was outside & at the hotel, not sure how long it had been going whilst I was still at work).

File 1-midnight-thunderstorm_20100909.ogg1.23 MB

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