automatic writing, aroma coffee and palmer eldritch

today I read an article about automatic writing.

" Sit at a table with pen and paper; put yourself in a 'receptive' frame of mind, and start writing. Continue writing without thinking of what is appearing beneath your pen. Write as fast as you can. If, for some reason, the flow stops, leave a space and immediately begin again by writing down the first letter of the next sentence. Choose this letter at random before you begin, for instance, a 't', and always begin this new sentence with a 't'. "

this is pretty much how I write all the time. occasionally I go back and re-read it and correct any obvious spelling / grammatical errors, but sometimes I don't even do that.

today I went to the coffee shop around the corner and ordered my coffee, orange juice and avocado / egg / tomato sandwich. I seem to have become a regular at the coffee shop. last week when the internet access stopped working in the flat I took my laptop to the coffee shop and did some research there. actually I think I got more done whilst there than when I'm at home, so I might try it again. there were a few other people with laptops there. 2 girls sitting across from me seemed to be working on a uni project together - one was reading from the text book and the other was writing up the notes. I didn't know what the topic was as the book and they were speaking in hebrew.

today I sat in the spot near the door and read my printout of Philip K Dick's 'The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch' (TTSoPE). it's week two of the online course at Maybe Logic Academy. the course is really interesting. I feel a bit like I've been having 'e-therapy' (evolution therapy) as mentioned in the book. usually my thoughts are quite clear and I can use this method for problem solving at work - but that involves thinking technically. so this course is different for me - having to find the underlying meaning in the book and the author. I haven't had to think about that for a while, so it's a good exercise in training my brain / thoughts in a different way. I'm not sure that the thoughts I've been having are actually related to the book or what it really means, but I'm happy that the thought process is occurring. it's a really good course! this week it's been a little quiet on the forums, perhaps people are busy with other work / life. I find that I can think more creatively during the holidays when I stop thinking of work, and this and next week are half days at work due to the Jewish Succoth holidays here in Jerusalem.

there was a guy in his mid twenties seated at the counter of the coffee shop today. he had dark hair, and was wearing all black with a splash of red on his sleeve. quite trendy looking. his coffee was ready at the same time mine was which is why I noticed him. a few minutes later, a man in his mid 50s joined him. I could overhear some of their conversation (in English). the younger guy spoke in broken English with an American accent - which is very predominant here. he started talking about a camp he was helping with for kids - to take them into the desert. I couldn't hear it all so might have confused the story he was saying. it sounded like they were going to reenact the steps of invading armies who attacked Israel during one of the holiday periods years ago. the camp kids weren't going to attack anyone though - they were just repeating the journey that was taken. then the guy started talking about his mother, and how she was in Romania and had aborted twins prior to him being born as it wasn't a good time back then to have children. he mentioned his father had told him that he had nearly been aborted as well. he and his father had moved to Israel when he was four, from Bucharest. the older man listened to the story and asked concerned questions. the younger guy then spoke about a rally / project he was involved with that was highlighting the problems of abortion and why some women chose it.

I tried to find info about it on the web but couldn't. I didn't catch the name of the project and I didn't catch all the words he was saying so I could have misinterpreted what he was saying. at the same time I was trying to read part of chapter 5 of TTSoPE which is where Leo is given Chew-Z by Palmer Eldritch when he visits him with plans to kill him. when the drug kicks in, he's transported to another reality / world - a grassy plain. a young girl appears and speaks to him and tries to explain what is happening and warns him of Chew-Z and what the real purpose behind it is. so I was thinking in another reality, and may have been daydreaming and expanding on what I was hearing in the coversation at the coffee store.