Australian hip hop music previews - March 2011

a list of hip hop songs to preview by various Australian artists via social media :

@HunterSBX is where you can hear some stuff from the upcoming album. please download, rate and comment [via @HunterSBX tweet]

@DickSatisfy ok normally i dont spam, but this took what - 7 years to release? lol. #DarkerDays [via @DickSatisfy tweet]

@Peakstreet Also make sure to check our second #Ciecmate leak straight outta the @BrokenToothEnt HQ. This is some catchy shit [via @Peakstreet tweet]

@illyal Download this pronto RT @PrimeIsHere: Purpose - Cityhada free, go. [via @illyal tweet]

@3ree6ixty 360 - miracle in a costume ft gossling. album teaser. produced by @mphazes [via @3ree6ixty tweet]

@urthboy First taste of the new @Joelistics record (please RT) [via @urthboy tweet]

Joelistics - Heart Remains by Elefant Traks

@BrokenToothEnt Ciecmate - "Game Over" Pre-Order is now live at !! Peep the first leak at [via @BrokenToothEnt tweet]

@TheOptimen The Out of Money Experience' on SoundCloud NOW - DL tracks for FREE! [via @TheOptimen tweet]

The Out of Money Experience (2010) by TheOptimen

@bigspintv @xtothap1 @bingethink Bingethinkers : Where Are They Now [via @bigspintv tweet] (review - no audio links)

@auhiphop ~ yes we're alive !!!! Brad Strut - "Monopoly" [via @auhiphop tweet]

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