Arts Hub Australia Site News - July 2003

Welcome to Arts Hub Australia's July Site News. Reaching more than 37,000
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On Arts Hub this week David Eedle takes a look at online fundraising and
membership programs, and explores overseas experiences, and where Australian
arts organisations are up to. Bequests, donations, fundraising and
memberships are all part and parcel of a cultural organisations' quest to
offset their income from other sources, whether it be government subsidy or
earnt through the box office or other sales. So what might be the successful
formula for a cultural organisation seeking the public's support, based on
experiences around the world?

Plus Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) Director, Lindy Hume continues
her diary for Arts Hub on the highs and lows, questions and answers,
yearnings and understandings that she grapples with as she conceives, shapes
and makes her first PIAF for 2004.

A new opera based on the novel and 1996 Academy Award-winning film, 'Dead
Man Walking', is to be performed for the first time outside the USA when it
premieres in an exclusive Adelaide season in August. Next week, look forward
to an interview with renowned baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes, who is revisiting
the role of convicted murderer Joe de Rocher that he played to great acclaim
in the original world premiere with San Francisco Opera in 2000. The
following week, we also speak to the author of the original novel, Sister
Helen Prejean, the nun who counselled de Rocher right up to his execution on
death row, and also, we feature the composer of 'Dead Man Walking', Jake

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