a n a r c o n . 0 4 : autonomous activist conference

a n a r c o n . 0 4

australian anarchist & autonomous activist conference
invasion day long weekend

lets spend a long weekend non-stop talking the anarchist talk: from staunch
anarchist to hard autonomous activists - or those of slight anarchist
politico persuasion - or just emotional anarchists or people interested in
talking/listening/sharing ideas towards society based on active voluntary
participation and respect... or whatever the `anarchism` box means to YOU!
you should come to Anarcon04 to share ideas, words, art and respect.... all

CITY FARM [behind claisebrook train station]
GROOVY SPACE - 195 pier st perth. [indymediaHQ]

ALL peoples invited / entry by DONATION

we want to hear from YOU!
brian g - gaudium@planet-save.com
allanboyd - allanx@octapod.org
[come to a meeting - join the list]

heres some proposed ideas...

programmed topics - some floating ideas:
# anarchy? in 21century? no way?- Q & A about anarchism now.
# i am not an anarchist but i love you - autonomous radical activism
# wobblies iww - anarco-perspectives
# anarchist history of australia/WA
# no borders - no nations
# anarchist sectarianism?
# aboriginal activism and anarchism
# building community spaces - the city farm/groovy space experiences
# anarchist organising? collective process and concensus
# deep ecology & biocentrism - bioregionalism?
# scamming - how to survive and scam the system
# how to stay a sane and healthy activist
# banged up - supporting the prisoner movement, you could be one yourself
very soon!
# voice control - voluntary participatory media be the media! [perth
indymedia collective]
# 21st century activism - networks without system.
# why r socialists such bastards? - megaphone/politix etc
# radical vegainism explored - u are what u eat - an anarchist cookbook
# simple methods of anarko-retaliation 101 / 102 / 103 / 104
# obedience kills ideas - open source technology and copyleft ideology
# ASIO bills and anarco-activism.
# LOCK it on - NVDA workshops
# junkadelic workshop/ performance
# stencil/graf workshop / brick poetry / street art legals etc
# laptops in active intervention
# digital cam / audio recording workshop
# film screenings by perth.indymedia
# zine-makers jam/workshop
# random art collaboration
[hey - more topix needed - let us know - contribute yr ideas now!]

all day organic topics / design yr own workshop / ANYTHING
engage and participate in free-space open workshop/discussions!

# opening welcome and walk - by local indigenous & activist mobs.
# ZINE.CDr tradefair
# indymedia activist video-fest
# anarchist libray / anarko-activist art exhibition
# anarchist ball / Seize the Streets party
# perth surface urban collaborative pirate interventions
plus evening entertainment chill/band/hard recommended gigs

venue: shhh secret abandoned warehouse!
featuring CarCrashFace / noisecore_discofck / pumkinfish99 / and
projections/things and insane poets...
possible nudity. donation entry.
byo urban decorations.

journey to various active sites
Ludlow Tall Tuarts / Lake Jasper / Windarling Range / Lancelin / Fremantle
more suggestions welcome...

we can billet - please enquire
or camping... backpackers... squats etc

let us know yr comin and we`ll put the jug on...
brian g - gaudium@planet-save.com
allan boyd - allanx@octapod.org
phone: 0402 573 580
snail: PO Box 389
Kalamunda WA 6076
fax 9257 2844

http://www.anarcon.org for more details/plans/discussion/travel/accom etc
[fully functioning by dec12]

info on anarcon03 here:

anarcon04 conference will be documented:
on http://www.perth.indymedia.org
and http://www.nomasters.org

|||||...so like er, what is an anarchist, mate?

perhaps anarchists could be defined as people who reject all forms of
coercive authority.
anarchists actively resist or reject, indeed seek to abolish, all forms of
domination or hierarchy.
with radical intention, an anarchist desires a life free of exploitation or
corporate-based profit.
anarchists intrinsically demand human rights and seek to inhabit a society
without State, Church or Capitalism; without Sexism, Nationalism, Racism or
Homophobia... etc.
furthermore anarchists believe that Private Property [private, corporate,
state ownership of capital, resource and ideas] is theft and that wage
labour is a form of slavery.
anarchists want to share their society completely, encourage respect for all
resources and distribution of all responsibilities fairly and equitably
across all societies and all life.
an anarchist seeks a productive culture of voluntary contribution and
participation without threat, fear or intimidation. many anarchists practice
deep ecology.
like all humanity, meaning is relative to experience - even to anarchists.

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