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e-Tech 2004 conference - notes from Tim O'Reilly's killer apps recording

O'Reilly killer apps mentioned in the audio recording of e-Tech 2004 from

social software - harnessing the power of use contributions & user participation:

successful platforms using social software:

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copying files off my ipod to pc hard drive

I have an external 120Gb firewire hard drive which has travelled with me from Sydney to UK to Auckland. It's worked really well. Well, until last week when it fell over and now makes horrible clunking noises when it's spinning up. Unfortunately this drive holds my ipod music files - copies of my cds and records that I couldn't bring with me from home. Luckily I'd done a full transfer to my ipod a couple of weeks ago, so the music is intact, but I can't export it back onto a hard drive (planning on buying another 2.5" drive instead of the firewire drive). I just found an article on endgaget about transferring files from your ipod back to hard drive using ephPOD. cool :) now I just have to buy the new drive and try it out.

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IEEE Computer Society

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