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verbalisms - female hip hop magazine

Soul Perspectives
CKUT Montreal 90.3 FM
(April 5, 2005)

In recent years, there has been an uproar within the hip-hop generation about women, respect and equal recognition. An e-zine (electronic magazine) has dedicated itself to representing not only the accomplishments of female emcees, b-girls, graffiti artists and DJ's, but it dives into the world of women promoters, managers and key players of the game. In addition, it dissects how we arrived at this point.

Beehive magazine

arts magazine

Realtime Arts Magazine

Australian arts and film magazine - online and print versions

ampersand and etc - music reviews

# UPDATE: 2003_n became Ampersand notes - short reviews - & has been continuing & is now available as text files. Happy with the slow flow of material as is.

# As of edition 2003_n ampersand is in suspended animation - I need a rest and refocus. Issue n will come out soon with material I have on hand, but for the moment we are not looking for new material - I cannot promise to review stuff that comes in. It has been great fun, enjoyable but most of all a priveledge to recieve and review so much wonderful material. Thans to the artists and those who read and received it.

Catfight magazine - female graf mag

Catfight is an all female graffmagazine that shows all aspects of grafitti. We hope to publish a new Catfight regularly to show you the best and most recent works. download the latest issue at http://www.catfightmag.tk/

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Igloo Magazine

Igloo Magazine is an (online) abstract electronic music magazine publishing articles about current, classic and upcoming music from around the globe. Our mission is to consistently create an information resource about electronic music featuring several articles in our Newswire, Reviews, Profiles, Features and Top-10 categories.

Radical Software archive project

Radical Software was an important voice of the American video community in the early 70s; the only periodical devoted exclusively to independent video and video art at the time when those subjects were still being invented. Issues included contributions by Nam June Paik, Douglas Davis, Paul Ryan, Frank Gillette, Beryl Korot, Charles Bensinger, Ira Schneider, Ann Tyng, R. Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson, Gene Youngblood, Parry Teasdale, Ant Farm, and many others. read more or visit their website @ http://www.radicalsoftware.org

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OVO zine online

online editions of the OVO zine, published from 1987. OVO was the first to publish several essays by Hakim Bey that later appeared in his book T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone. OVO published work by Mike Diana long before his work drew the attention of State and Federal employees. Photographs of body piercing appeared in OVO two years before the Modern Primitives issue of Re/Search. The phrase 'phone tag' appears in print for the first time in the first issue of OVO. 'Liberating Wednesday' by PM, author of bolo'bolo, appears here for the first (and only) time; this is nearly a decade before and fifty-two times more radical a suggestion than today's 'Buy Nothing Day.' Crop circles and the Men in Black are referenced at a time when they were still obscure. The first appearance of Ride Theory in print occurs in Ignatz Topolino's contribution to OVO. And OVO was aware enough of the outer edges of scientific ethics to mention gene patents in the same year they first were granted.

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