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A new magazine for the grey zone of Noise & Politics, Datacide provides information on the cutting edge of technological subversion via sound and ideas. Assembled as part of an emerging Post-Media flow, Datacide is fueled by a current of enthusiasm and desire that does not seek legitimiation through the usual channels, but works as a tool to prompt the inquisitive and those becoming increasingly tired of the expediencies of journalism and self-interest.

White Fungus Magazine

White Fungus is an experimental arts magazine based in Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand. Produced by a collective of artists, writers and designers, White Fungus is an ongoing experiment in community media art.


the goulbourn plover fanciers society and dual poultry are proud to present the second annual ZINE AND RECORD FAIR : JANUARY 15 2006 - Lan Franchis Retirement Village in association with Dual Plover and Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Association bring you ZINE FAIR 2 the biggest display of small publications in the whole of the Asia Pacific region. Our collaborating organs from Indonesia will join forces with the fertile activity of Australia's own, in a smorgasboard picnic delight of zines zines and more zines for your leafing through pleasure. Indonesia boasts a prolific wing of street level publications made by an astounding array of artist groups and grass roots communities.

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mondo 2000

Finding my old bookmark files has made me nostalgic for the early computing days when everything was new and exciting and full of possibilities. One of my favourite magazines back in the early 90s was Mondo 2000. It was hard to get - only a few places in Brisbane stocked it, actually only two that I recall and even then it was occasional. By the time I got round to subscribing to the magazine it had finished being published and I lost my subscription renewal to the cause so to speak. At the time, it was cutting edge and the full gloss images and interviews with leading thinkers made it a great read. R.U. Sirius who was the editor of the mag has a podcast these days and can be found around mondoglobo.net. Here's a collection of links to mondo 2000 stuff:

mondo articles from the well (link updated : original link broken 25/09/2008 : http://www.well.com:70/1/Publications/MONDO )

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Bitch magazine

Bitch | Feminist Response to Pop Culture is a print magazine devoted to incisive commentary on our media-driven world. We feature critiques of TV, movies, magazines, advertising, and more—plus interviews with and profiles of cool, smart women in all areas of pop culture.

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disruptiv crew projects include a New Zealand based graf magazine, art gallery space, breakdancing event organisation and more

Back 2 Basics Magazine - New Zealand Hip Hop

New Zealand Hip Hop Magazine. visit http://www.back2basics.co.nz/ for more details

Phem Phat - Honey Jam Magazine

The Honey Jam is an all-female Canadian talent showcase featuring a wide variety of artists representing many genres of music - hiphop, jazz, dancehall, r&b, rock, dance, spoken word, calypso, soul, opera... hundreds of artists from across the country audition for one of the few coveted spots in this highly anticipated summer event.

verbalisms - female hip hop magazine

Soul Perspectives
CKUT Montreal 90.3 FM
(April 5, 2005)

In recent years, there has been an uproar within the hip-hop generation about women, respect and equal recognition. An e-zine (electronic magazine) has dedicated itself to representing not only the accomplishments of female emcees, b-girls, graffiti artists and DJ's, but it dives into the world of women promoters, managers and key players of the game. In addition, it dissects how we arrived at this point.


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