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The Wire magazine

The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine dedicated to informed, intelligent coverage of a wide range of progressive, adventurous and non-mainstream musics. Its office is based in London, but it serves an international readership.

UNDERGROWTH #2 / Terra Poetica - call for submissions

www.undergrowth.org is calling for submissions for Issue #2 of it's webzine, Undergrowth. {we live not underground, but in the undergrowth} visit www.undergrowth.org for Issue #1 and more details or click on the read more link

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Fringecore magazine

Fringecore deals with the cultural fringe and some of the more weird stuff that goes on out there and helps to make society that much more stimulating. visit http://www.fringecore.com for more details

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Brisbane Writers Festival

Brisbane Writers Festival part of the Brisbane Festival, this is an annual event held over 4 days each October

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freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor

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freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor - AliaK

AliaK spoke with Graham St John regarding his new book about Australian electronic music community, travelling sound systems and DiY party culture.

GRAHAM ST JOHN : EDITOR AND COMPILER OF "freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor" @ FRIGID (HOPETOUN HOTEL, SYDNEY)


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