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Man Booker prize books

The Man Booker Prize 2005

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction represents the very best in contemporary fiction. One of the world

JJJ looking for paid part-time arts reporters

The Program and triple j have joined forces and are calling across the country for all young folk, 25 and under, with some previous radio/ media experience, to join the J Arts Crew and become a paid part-time Arts Reporter! A reporter will be appointed from each State and Territory, to be mentored by a producer at triple j. Once appointed reporters will come together to undergo intensive broadcast training before being sent out to taste-test the arts far and wide. visit http://www.theprogram.net.au/jArtsCrewECard/ for more details

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Women writing about Internet and Digital Life

a list of women who think and write about the Internet, mostly from an academic view

Sticky - Melbourne zine shop

Discover Sticky, a shop devoted to zines and artist books. Situated in a subway underpass in Melbourne, Australia, Sticky provides an outlet for a wide range of artist books/zines, c.d.

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Mindjack magazine is concerned with the blending of technology and society, the organic with the synthetic

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LABS - Leonardo Abstracts Service

LABS is a comprehensive database of abstracts of Ph.d, Masters and MFA theses in the emerging intersection between art, science and technology. Persons who have received advanced degress in arts (visual, sound, performing, text), computer sciences, the sciences and/or technology which in some way investigate philosophical, historical, critical or applications of science or technology to the arts are invited to submit an abstract of their thesis for publication consideration in this database. visit http://leonardolabs.pomona.edu/ for details and to submit your work

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FutureHi website - Celebrating the rebirth of psychedelic futurism - lots of great articles and links. great thinking material. visit http://www.futurehi.net for more details

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Cyclic Defrost Magazine

Cyclic Defrost is Australia's only specialist electronic music magazine.

We cover independent electronic music, avant-rock, experimental sound art and leftfield hip hop. We have no interest in fashion spreads, alcohol or clothing advertising, nor do we accept advertising in the guise of 'editorial'.


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