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Other Film Festival Sound Walk, Brisbane 24/03/2006 - video

I went along to the Sound Walk workshop and walk at Other Film Festival in Brisbane earlier this year. here's a slideshow video of some photos taken along the walk. it brought back such memories! the walk was from South Bank to the city along the river. we went through the Botannical Gardens near QUT Gardens Point which is where I went to Uni. everything was so familiar though I hadn't been there in a few years.

the music is "Don't you worry" by The Beloved

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Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS)

The Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS) was founded for the development of electro-acoustic music and computer music in 1993.

visit for more details

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IIC - India International Centre

Founded in 1958 and inaugurated in 1962, the India International Centre is a premier non-official organisation in the capital, playing a unique cultural and intellectual role in the life of the citizens. The Centre has been likened to a Triveni providing three streams of activities--intellectual stream through seminars, symposia, meetings, discussions and its Library and publications; cultural stream, through its series of cultural events like music, dance, films, etc. and social stream through its hostel and catering facilities where people meet and mingle together.

SOOB 2006 - Straight Out of Brisbane festival opens tonight

Celebrate the opening night of the 4th SOOB Festival with the knowledge that a public holiday is the next day! Below are some of the highlights of the SOOB 2006 program for Tuesday, August 15. For more information, visit the website @

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Studio XX - Montreal's digital arts resource for women

Founded in 1995, Studio XX is Montreal's foremost women's digital resource centre. Through a variety of creative activities and initiatives, the Studio works with women to demystify digital technologies, to critically examine their social aspects, to facilitate women's access to technology, and to create and exhibit women's new digital art.

EntheoGenisis Australia Conference 2006 - Experimental Shamanic Trance Dance, Sacred Plant and Sound System Workshop

The organizers and speakers at EGA believe that information about psychoactive plants and chemicals should be readily available. Also that only through creating such a space, where we can talk freely on such matters, can methods for harm reduction and the true benefits of such substance be explored. Entheogenesis Australis is a collection of thinkers from all walks of life, we come together to share knowledge about sacred plants, chemical alchemy and states of consciousness. We are coming to tune in to the Mother Earth and take her fight back out into the world. We want to share and explore experiences, trance and dance. it is about growth, for the mind and the land.

This experimental workshop is an invitation to those individuals who are interested in the trance dance experience as providing an opportunity for mind/body/spirit/soul development. EGA 2006 will be a unique opportunity for people who are experienced in the dance floor and consciousness development approach to try something new, different, fun and well focused, that is totally aimed at extending the boundaries of each participants current experiential and knowledge paradigms.

Read more for details or visit

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Electrofringe is now calling for proposals for this year's festival from artists, media makers, curators, researchers, writers, producers, enthusiasts, etc. Part of the 'This Is Not Art' umbrella of Festivals in Newcastle, NSW, this year Electrofringe will occur from 28th September to 2nd October and will feature artists from all over Australia as well as visiting international artists. A heads up, hands-on, all-in festival of experimental, electronic, digital and new media arts and culture. It is dedicated to unearthing emergent forms, highlighting nascent trends and encouraging participants to explore technology and its creative possibilities. The directors for Electrofringe 2006 are Ben Byrne, Cat Jones and Sumugan Sivanesan. Areas for investigation may include (but are not limited to) hybrid performances, media based practices, web, networked & online collaborations, wireless, wearable and locative technologies, sensor based interactions, software art, custom electronics, experimental interfaces, alternative energies, sound, video, installation and more. Read more or visit for more information.

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OFF : Other Film Festival in Brisbane - 23-26 March 2006

The Other Film Festival was held in Brisbane 23 - 26th March 2006, showcasing Australian experimental and hand processed films as well as conducting sound walks, film processing workshops, film screenings, live film puppet shows and musical performances

click on the links below to see some photos, gps data maps and other documentation from the event

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OFF : Other Film Festival in Brisbane - event information

Other Film Festival in Brisbane

1. OFF at Trash Film Club
2. OtherFilm Festival - 23-26 March 2006 Brisbane

1 - OFF pre-festival LAUNCH PARTY TONIGHT!
7pm Tuesday 21st March: Troubadour

Tantalise your senses with a big night of hand-coloured film, art and
mayhem as Film Club hosts a special teaser program for OFF 06.

Relive the magic of the Wednesday Audience Film handpainted,
scratched, coloured by over 20 people at the OFF 2004 festival, with
live soundtrack by Brisbane noisemakers Impromptulons, performing a
highly rhythmic free-form improvisation based on the "everybody solos,
nobody solos" principle...with extra handmade short film by Gregory

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill will show their beautiful handmade, hand
processed short 16mm films Studies in Image De-Generation (1975),
Floterian (1981), and the very fun funky Milky Way Special (1971).

Finally for shorts - American avant-gardist Paul Sharits' infamous
perception-warping 1966 flicker film Piece Mandala/End War on 16mm

We'll climax with the stunning 1969 Czech surrealist feature Fruit Of
Paradise [by Vera Chytilova, maker of Daisies (a Film Club hit in
2005)], a social satire, a serial killer mystery, a perverted fairy
tale, shot in luscious colour scheme of rotting browns and slimy
greens overlaid with bleeding scarlet, with Zdenek Liska's enigmatic
avant-garde score.

2 - OtherFilm Festival - 23-26 March - Brisbane -
Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Southbank.
Cube Galleria 15 Tribune St, Southbank.
Globe Cinema, 226 Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley

Otherfilm sees 'cinema' differently, as something that's open to
re-imagining; crying out to be liberated from industrialised models,
and predetermined structures and experiences. This year's festival
features performances that expand traditional notions of 'cinema',
installations that elaborate on the idea of 'the screen' and workshops
that introduce participants to ideas of acoustic ecology, as well as
shooting, processing, editing and projecting super8 film. Of course,
we've also included fantastic screenings program featuring new film
work and retrospective selections.

In celebration of Australia's contribution to expanded cinema's
international history Otherfilm are delighted to welcome Arthur and
Corinne Cantrill, pioneering film artists and authors of the
long-running avant-garde film journal, Cantrills' Filmnotes. Arthur
and Corinne will perform a selection of expanded cinema pieces
involving voice and body movement, sculptural objects, specially
crafted screens and avant-garde film. The Cantrills' have also curated
a screening program of their own films, a retrospective tracing the
development of their unique approach to filmmaking, spanning five

Curators: Danni Zuvela, Joel Stern and Sally Golding
Contact -
website -

Thursday 23rd March

6:00pm-7:30pm at the Project Gallery
The Cantrills' Salon. Peruse posters, flyers, and 'Cantrills
Filmnotes' in a visual display of celebration of two extraordinary,
intertwined careers.

Featuring a special meditation on the nature of cinema, written by
American filmmaker Hollis Frampton, delivered by Arthur Cantrill.

8pm-11pm at the Cube Galleria

Expanded Cinema Installations. Marvel at the performative
installations, films and immersive environments of three of the most
talented, original and unclassifiable Australian artists working
today: Velvet Pesu, Louise Curham (Brisbane's Stuart Busby accompanies
with inspired explorations of trumpet tone...) and Natasha Anderson.

Complimentary drinks provided by little creatures brewing and inner circle

Friday 24th March

2:00pm-4:00pm at the Cube Galleria

ACOUSTIC ECOLOGY - WORKSHOP. Come along to this soundscape derive
facilitated by environmental audio-explorers Anthony Magen and Lloyd
Barrett. rsvp:

6:30pm-Midnight at the Globe Theatre


Fish Video (an object tribute to Nam June Paik: 1932-2006)

Soundscape by Lawrence English

Stuttering Equivalence, or: Why I never liked the young-drunk
exquisite corpse: by Tara Cook plus random happenings, projections,
and interventions...


A screening of short films from Arthur and Corinne Cantrill's unique
and extensive oeuvre, selected by the filmmakers especially for
Brisbane audiences. The program will provide a tour through their
decades of filmmaking at the cutting edge of art; including landscape
works, articulated images, experimental documentary, colour separation
and much much more.


Lloyd Barrett premieres 'Mise en scene' for diegetic and non-diegetic
filmsound, Vanilla (Van Sowerwine and Camilla Hannan) create a
beguiling and bizarre mix of shadow puppetry and noise. Abject Leader
(Joel Stern and Sally Golding) expose their unhinged expanded cinema
dreamscapes featuring sonic contributions from Terracid. Pride and
Prejudice (Melbourne's Pia Borg and Mark Harwood) evoke "the uncanny"
through multiscreens, voice and unique projections.

Saturday 25th March
10:00am-2:00pm at QCA Photography Darkroom


Join experimental film mavericks Sally Golding and Louise Curham in
discovering and exploring the technologies and processes of super 8
film, the experimental home-movie medium par-excellence. Participants
encouraged to bring their own working super 8 camera if possible
(though not absolutely necessary). rsvp:

6:30pm-Midnight at the Globe Theatre


Re-stagings of the Cantrill's most renowned expanded cinema films,
performed by the filmmakers, including THE BOILING ELECTRIC JUG FILM,
and films designed for projection on other specially-made screens.


Botborg perform a "brutal audio-visual barrage, erratic as it is
blinding and deafening. In effect something like a rainbow in a
blender screaming television static." A new 35mm film by Jim Knox,
'cortical landlord after compost'. The Rejuvenation Loops
(Auckland's Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton) meditate under murky curtains
in droning cyclic scramblings seen through pinhole glimpses of
glimpsing pinhole flares, and finally, a blast for the eyes and ears -
dada-meinhof, Danni Zuvela and Tina Blakeney use projections and
prepared homemade instruments to gnaw at the edges of perception with
fed-back ruminations on the military industrial complex, nature's fury
visited on Bunjalung, and a minimalist exploration of petroleum

Sunday 26th March
6:30pm-11:30pm - Cube Galleria


Closing rituals featuring expanded cinema re-enactments of classic
avant-garde works and scavenged rip-offs, the world-shattering OFF
collaborative film and sound work produced by the previous day's film
re-film and soundscape workshop participants. A screening of Paul
Sharits' 25-minute Razor Blades (1966), which "consciously challenges
our eyes, ears and minds to withstand a barrage of high powered and
often contradictory stimuli". Brisbane's sprawling and unpredictable
psych-heroes The Lost Domain perform a live soundtrack to a special
16mm film print premiere screening of the new work Memorium by
legendary Melbourne avant-garde filmmaker Dirk de Bruyn., Jamie Hume
emerges from Auchenflowers's cabinet Voltaire to perform his
unclassifiable extra-musical nonsense poetics amidst the general
chaos. Audience joins in and enjoys until everyone goes home. OFF

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