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South Coast - Brighton (UK) hip hop documentary by Will Jewell

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I saw "South Coast" a documentary about Brighton (UK)'s hip hop community by Will Jewell last saturday night at the Jerusalem Cinematheque as part of the British Film Festival. I thought the film was a great balance of original roots of hip hop, respecting the US origins, whilst highlighting the original crews from the local Brighton community and featuring some of the up & coming artists also. a great snap shot into Brighton hip hop. it feels similar to Australian hip hop in some ways.

I wrote some names during the film so I could find out about them later. (hard to read my writing so hopefully I have these right!)

- poets vs MC night / battle

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multiprojector test01 (semanal08week3)

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multiprojector test01 - testing different methods of combining video in a single screen. this is using multiple projectors in isadora. some effects, some interactivity as the videos control each other's position

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remuxed (semanal08week2)

blip post @ http://blip.tv/file/603528

quicktime video version @ http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-remuxed963.mov

flash video version @ http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-remuxed963.flv

blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14266

trying 3d video in isadora. I was describing a dream to a friend where I used to see planes of different worlds. testing how I could make a video to remember / simulate the dream. it hasn't quite worked out properly yet though!

just a mixture of past and recent videos and trying out some 3d video in Isadora. the videos are snippets from 4 countries. the spinning video is interacting with the other videos - changing speed in proportion to them playing out. Isadora seems suited more for live video - I still haven't worked out a high quality save option. it creates these in real time - I'm changing the video source on the fly. my computer doesn't let me save audio out either (in isadora) so I have to record it and then add back to the saved video. I need to get this working better also - there must be a step I'm missing.


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cyclone building

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blip post @ http://blip.tv/file/599206

quicktime video version : http://blip.tv/file/get/AliaK-cycloneBuilding684.mov

blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14265

over Christmas a cyclone was building off the shore of Qld. it made for the coolest temperature wise Christmas in many years (at least whilst I've been there). the trees are in Mum's backyard

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Semanal project - create & post a video once a week in 2008

Last November I took part in NaVloPoMo - videoblog posting month. it was a lot of fun and was a good way to remember to do something creative in between working. I know a lot of people can't help but be creative all the time, but I find sometimes I get so tired from work that I become passive and tend to watch more than do. so this was a good reminder to get into the habit.

in 2008, Semanal is happening - similar to NaVloPoMo but posting one video a week instead of one each day. this is much more manageable for me at least as I can usually make one on the weekend. the hardest part then becomes finding time to watch everyone else's videos!

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southbank, brisbane - mobile video post test

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a mobile video post. I took the video the other day whilst at Southbank in Brisbane. emailed it to my blip.tv email account (aliak. pwd @ mobile.blip.tv). it automatically posts on blip.tv and is posted to by blog. which then sends it to my rss / xml feed & facebook etc. currently I need to approve / edit the post on the blog site, but I might setup a workflow to make that automatic also. though with the N95, I can do this from the phone now also too!

very cool!
not new.. but since I've only just got the N95, it's new to me. I'd tried it ages ago with my palm pilot but it was too slow and the apps didn't integrate as well + there was no video in that attempt. so this is working much better..

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20071207 Bethlehem 01 - driving into Bethlehem

20071207 Bethlehem 01 - driving into Bethlehem - the guide is talking about peace, jerusalem stone exports / work and tourism

original movie @ http://blip.tv/file/545338
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14253

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a walk around Yesilyurt this afternoon. perhaps it's because it's winter, but it looks a little run down - the colours on the buildings seem duller than they once have been, and the waterfront in this area is a little dreary. the local shops are ok though - there's a few nice looking cafes. many cake & sweets stores!


original video @ http://blip.tv/file/530841
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14251

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Istanbul taxi ride from blue mosque

this is snippets of the taxi ride from my visit to hagia sofia and sultan ahmed / blue mosque on 25/11/2007. (other camera)

original movie @ http://blip.tv/file/527442
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14246

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Jewish quarter of Old City

sections of the Jewish quarter of the Old City, Jerusalem

music is "Some Place (intro)" by Coolooloosh - a great local Jerusalem based / Israeli band


original video @ http://blip.tv/file/518655
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14245

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2006 Hyatt pigeons in Delhi

they're everywhere!!
video @ http://blip.tv/file/514174/

I must like these as I've just found I'd already uploaded a silent version - almost like a lumiere but a few scenes cut together.
video @ http://blip.tv/file/442303

nov? 2006, Delhi, India

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NaVloPoMo 30 - day # 30 Turkish Delight & thanks to all the Navlopomo videobloggers!

NaVloPoMo 30 - day # 30 Turkish Delight & thanks to all the Navlopomo videobloggers!

original movie @ http://blip.tv/file/514153
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14243

thanks from me also - I've had fun making little videos and watching other people's - plenty to catch up on! my last one mirrors my first of the month - in my pjs again, this time after a late night flight instead of an early morning one. I took videos at the Istanbul airport last night but hadn't put my memory stick in and so none of them saved. flight was delayed so I didn't get back to Jerusalem until around 3am and slept since then. very tired! so a quick goodbye & look at some of the Turkish Delight I bought at the Istanbul airport gift shop.

see you all around on the net somewhere!


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NaVloPoMo 29 - day # 29 Turkish Hotel TV - 60 channels & nothing on...

NaVloPoMo 29 - day # 29 Turkish Hotel TV - 60 channels & nothing on...

original video @ http://blip.tv/file/511287
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14241

most of the tv in the hotel is in turkish. I can't understand most of it. the american shows are overdubbed in turkish. bbc prime is in english and a couple of news channels and that's about it! nat geo had a couple of english programs the first night I was here. it's often like this when I'm onsite - I don't get to watch any regular shows - most networks tend to show old programs and movies so I'm always about 5-10 years behind on tv watching, even though we see lots of it at work each day.. lucky there's internet access!


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NaVloPoMo 28 - day # 28 Jerusalem cats

NaVloPoMo 28 - day # 28 Jerusalem cats

original video @ http://blip.tv/file/511236
blog post @ http://www.aliak.com/node/14240

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