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Aufheben: (past tense: hob auf; past participle: aufgehoben; noun: Aufhebung)
There is no adequate English equivalent to the German word Aufheben. In German it can mean "to pick up", "to raise", "to keep", "to preserve", but also "to end", "to abolish", "to annul". Hegel exploited this duality of meaning to describe the dialectical process whereby a higher form of thought or being supersedes a lower form, while at the same time "preserving" its "moments of truth". The proletariat's revolutionary negation of capitalism, communism, is an instance of this dialectical movement of supersession, as is the theoretical expression of this movement in the method of critique developed by Marx.

Center for Digital Discourse and Culture

The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (CDDC) is a college-level center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the College of Arts and Sciences. Working with faculty in the Virginia Tech Cyberschool, the CDDC provides one of the world's first university based digital points-of-publication for new forms of scholarly communication, academic research, and cultural analysis. At the same time, it supports the continuation of traditional research practices, including scholarly peer review, academic freedom, network formation, and intellectual experimentation.

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Against Sleep And Nightmare magazine

Against Sleep And Nightmare magazine has been in print for quite a few years now. We originally put the text on the Web to making its text more widely available and this has been successful - this site was getting 4,000 hits per week in early 2003. This site contains a few other "ultra-left" texts as well but these are slowly being phased out. Virtually everyone has access to web presently and so there is no reason to reproduce things that are likely available elsewhere.

auto-op-sy - class composition discussions & resources

Aut-op-sy is a forum in which to explore the changing nature of class composition and class struggle within the planetary work machine.



Class against Class

Class Against Class, is a site dedicated to reclaiming the Theory & Practice of Class Struggle from authoritarian groups or those who would presume in some way to act on behalf of the working class.The significance of the name 'Class Against Class' lies in our recognition that despite the numerous & varied developements Capital has undergone as a result of working class pressure,the basis for its' existence remains in the'real' process of production & reproduction,in the expropiation of surplus value by capital(i.e wage labour);in its' simplest form we work for them.Who 'we' consists of,the question of 'work',& who 'they' are,are of course open to debate,& we welcome recent discussions of 'class recomposition',the role of unpaid labour in reproduction,the 'refusal of work' etc.*

for communism

Communism is a society without money, without a state, without property and without social classes. People come together to carry out a project or to respond to some need of the human community but without the possibility of their collective activity taking the form of an enterprise that involves wages and the exchange of its products. The circulation of goods is not accomplished by means of exchange: quite the contrary, the by-word for this society is "from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs".


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