Impromptu is a programming language based on scheme which can be used for live programming purposes eg live coding of music. visit for more details

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adaptive music is a research community exploring computational arts practices, in particular the development of adaptive music environments. The community is based at the Queesland University of Technology at Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Australia.

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Runtime// Live Computational Arts Symposium
A day of presentations, demos and discussions about algorithmic sound and image performance.

Saturday July 8 2006, 10 am - 4 pm

Venue: Queensland University of Technology

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max/msp course @ Goldsmiths college, London - gps data music patch project

earlier this year I did a max/msp course at goldsmiths college. the class was taken by the very clever and talented sebastian lexer who puts on the interlace events in london and performs at various events and festivals. if you're looking for a max/msp course, I highly recommend this one - whether you've used max/msp before or not. the projects by the other class members were really cool also!

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workshop : max/msp course @ Goldsmiths College, London

max/msp course notes
19 March 2005
Goldsmiths College, London

bang & toggle -> easy way to see what's going on in the patch; test; use it to print values

apple m = status window
number box passes on info when it receives the bang

- off when 0 (int)
- on for any other int value
- if it gets a float, it truncates the decimal to give 0 or 1 eg 1.57 would give 1; 0.73 would give 0

1/4 Inch with music software (AudioMulch) creator Ross Bencina

1/4_Inch is proud to present another wild night of entertainment on Thursday 29th July from 8pm. This event will showcase 3 Interstate artists and promises to be more lively than a feral monkey with fleas. Artists performing on the night are Ross Bencina (Melbourne), Scott Sinclair (Brisbane), and Hydatid (Brisbane)

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