dane certificate at the empress melbourne

Melbourne's one man band 'Dane Certificate' will play at the Empress in North Fitzroy Melbourne, with the amazing 'Talkshowboy',on the 29th June. Certificate will be launching video clip GONE on a projection that night.Starts 9pm.

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Igloo Magazine

Igloo Magazine is an (online) abstract electronic music magazine publishing articles about current, classic and upcoming music from around the globe. Our mission is to consistently create an information resource about electronic music featuring several articles in our Newswire, Reviews, Profiles, Features and Top-10 categories.

Song Competition

AuStrALiA's DeADliEst tALent qUeSt.....
"Cyanide Idol" is open to any original song or spoken word about issues relating to cyanide-leach mining and Lake Cowal. (this can include topics such as dangers of mining, corporate greed, theft of Indigenous land, protection of water ways, impact of mining on communities...). there's stacks of prizes to be won- movie ticktets, cds, gift vouchers and more. Plus all entries get to go on the CD. All styles of music welcome. For more information on the issues and for inspiration check out the website

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workshop : max/msp course @ Goldsmiths College, London

max/msp course notes
19 March 2005
Goldsmiths College, London

bang & toggle -> easy way to see what's going on in the patch; test; use it to print values

apple m = status window
number box passes on info when it receives the bang

- off when 0 (int)
- on for any other int value
- if it gets a float, it truncates the decimal to give 0 or 1 eg 1.57 would give 1; 0.73 would give 0

Bangalore club djs on radio

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Date:14/08/2004 URL: Metro Plus Bangalore Chennai

The party partners are back

The two biggest party animals in town reunite with the first-ever independent radio show dedicated to club music

ROHIT BARKER and DJ Ivan are two names that spell "party" to any young 'n' restless Bangalorean. Having the ex-RJ and the country's best DJ at a club is a sureshot way of ensuring a combination of the wildest music and crowds partying like the world is going to end tomorrow. Besides being favourite Page Three personalities, Rohit and Ivan created the first-ever dance music show on radio which had a successful run for two years before the station changed its priorities. After a hiatus lasting a year and a half, the duo have come together to create the first-ever independent radio show in the country.

nine09 records

Nine 09 Records is an Australian electronic music label

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The Wire magazine

The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine dedicated to informed, intelligent coverage of a wide range of progressive, adventurous and non-mainstream musics. Its office is based in London, but it serves an international readership.

Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat

Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat || Homepage for one of Melbourne's enduring underground breaks promoters - Got Funk? productions ||

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S~U~N~D~E~X smoothes out Brisbanites' w/e

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As the cold winter chill begins to lift and the body starts warming up, it`s time to leave the annual state of hibernation and head out and about to see what new adventures await. As Brisbane Exhibition is just around the corner, people will be looking for a place to escape from the westerly winds and catch up with friends in a cosy atmosphere. With the current shortage of club venues in Brisbane, a new one on the market, The Winery could be the next place to take off. Situated in Davies Park, South Brisbane, it has a a couple of levels and a deck which overlooks the Brisbane River - no longer do the great views belong exclusively to the city crowd!

Electrofringe Shop details

Combining Electrofringe, Sound Summit, National Young Writers, Radio Active, Student Media and Critical Animals, the event will bring together Australia's key arts, music and new media figures and international guests for 5 days of panels, workshops and live gigs. This year, there will be an official TINA shop, where product from artists and associated speakers will be available to purchase. If you are interested in having your product sold at the TINA Shop - please email Tim Colman at for more details.

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review : Scratch World Tour 2002

The Scratch DJ Tour hit Sydney with the arrival of hip hop legends Q-Bert, Jazzy Jay and J-Rocc. All these guys have been major influences in the hip hop community and are revered by up & coming and established turntablists/hip hop producers alike.

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