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Digital downloads now included in UK top40 charts

An "ALL-NEW" OFFICIAL CHART has been compiled by The Official UK Charts Company for broadcasters such as BBC (Top of the Pops, Radio One, Radio Six). Digital downloads are to be integrated in to the Official Singles Chart alongside physical CD singles for the first time. This 'all-new' chart will be revealed to 4.6m chart lovers via Radio 1 and Hit40UK on Sunday 17th April. Visit

Circuit bending resource site

links to circuit bending sites and artists

Database of experimental music resources

It is hoped that this database will house as many online resources for experimental music as possible. This is divided into seven sections: digital music, festivals, labels, performers, radio, shopSpaces and magaZines. An eighth section, links, leads to other sites where more detailed information about specific types of music may be found

BLOC - Wales art and new technology site

BLOC is the art and technology agency for Wales. The website contains a wealth of information such as news, calls for submissions, events and projects happening around Wales and United Kingdom.

Australian Music Centre

The Australian Music Centre publishes Sounds Australia magazine twice a year and is an invaluable resource to Australian composers of varying music genres

nine09 records

Nine 09 Records is an Australian electronic music label

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Corduroy Records

Corduroy Records is the vinyl pressing plant in Australia, as well as mail-order service.

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Pacifica Vinyl Services

Pacifica Vinyl Services is a Vinyl and CD services company - vinyl manufacturing, vinyl distribution, remix production, radio edits and reproductions, dj mix and compilation production, final mastering. visit for more details

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QMusic's Broadcast puts new focus on the Queensland music industry, providing news, opinion and commentary not covered in any other locally produced news sources. visit for more details

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Stealth Magazine

Stealth Magazine is a quality hip hop magazine focussing on Australian and international hip hop artists and culture. There is an active forum plus interviews with Australian and International hip hop artists & bands on

freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor

freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor - AliaK

AliaK spoke with Graham St John regarding his new book about Australian electronic music community, travelling sound systems and DiY party culture.

GRAHAM ST JOHN : EDITOR AND COMPILER OF "freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor" @ FRIGID (HOPETOUN HOTEL, SYDNEY)

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