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Taste-E is a comprehensive and ever-growing website of links related to the electronic arts. Structured and frequently updated, Australia is the ideal website collection for everyone interested or involved in the electronic arts in Australia.

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New Zealand Music Commission

What is the NZMIC?

The New Zealand Music Commission is one of the Government funded arts agencies. The NZMIC is committed to growing New Zealand music business.

The NZMIC receives financial support through the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to undertake projects in New Zealand and overseas to assist contemporary popular NZ music businesses and help grow the NZ music industry. While not a funding agency, our resources are available to support musicians and industry professionals gain higher levels of success at home and abroad. We also receive funding from the Ministry of Education for delivering music programmes into schools.

Miller Puckette - pure data msp software

Pd: real-time music and multimedia environment

Rebirth 2.0.1 has been made freeware

"The spirit of sharing was a vital part of the ReBirth Community. People who shared ideas, who offered their expertise, and who contributed music, inspired others to do the same in an ongoing cycle of creativity. In this tradition, Propellerhead Software offers the full version of ReBirth 2.0.1, and visitors can personally experience the phenomena of ReBirth and the legendary Roland Devices. The ReBirth Museum download archive includes the RB-338 CD-Rom files, as well as the collected works of user created ReBirth Mods, Songs, and Extras. Visitors are welcome to download these items and experience first-hand the excitement and history of the 338." visit for more details and to download the software

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female hip hop resources

B-Girl Be History of Women in Hip Hop 3/2005

This resource list was compiled by Rachel Raimist, Miranda Jane, Monalisa Murray, and Desdamona. One of our goals for B-Girl Be is to unite women of all ages from all walks of life --- academics, activists, aficionados, and beginners --- to experience the elements of Hip Hop.

To bring everyone up to speed, we've compiled this comprehensive list of links, broken down by subject.

ampersand and etc - music reviews

# UPDATE: 2003_n became Ampersand notes - short reviews - & has been continuing & is now available as text files. Happy with the slow flow of material as is.

# As of edition 2003_n ampersand is in suspended animation - I need a rest and refocus. Issue n will come out soon with material I have on hand, but for the moment we are not looking for new material - I cannot promise to review stuff that comes in. It has been great fun, enjoyable but most of all a priveledge to recieve and review so much wonderful material. Thans to the artists and those who read and received it.

Australian Music Links Online

Australian Music Links Online is a comprehensive online links directory of Australian bands, artists and musicians categorised by location and name. It also contains Australian music resources and a chat forum. visit for details

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Digital downloads now included in UK top40 charts

An "ALL-NEW" OFFICIAL CHART has been compiled by The Official UK Charts Company for broadcasters such as BBC (Top of the Pops, Radio One, Radio Six). Digital downloads are to be integrated in to the Official Singles Chart alongside physical CD singles for the first time. This 'all-new' chart will be revealed to 4.6m chart lovers via Radio 1 and Hit40UK on Sunday 17th April. Visit


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