Basement Tapes - future of music

Basement Tapes is a documentary film about the future of music. Speaking with a cross section of talented musicians, brilliant thinkers, kids on trial and outlaw geeks, the film will move beyond the headlines and look at how the Internet has changed music forever, and where we're going next. read more or visit for details and to view the interviews

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Open Source Cinema

Open Source Cinema is a film project dedicated to creating movies in ways inspired by the free software and free culture movements. The goal is for filmmakers to be able to collaboratively create film works, via Internet, using shared footage from a variety of sources. Open Source Cinema also encourages the free sharing of film works through peer to peer networks and other alternatives to mainstream distribution, such as Creative Commons licenses.

Music For Film : cults classics curios

Compiled, produced and mixed by Groovescooter in collaboration with the Sonic Arcana label, comes the first ever companion CD for the Sydney Film Festival - now in it's 52nd year. This is unlike any soundtrack compendium you've heard before. A seamless journey through various moods and styles, it's more like the eclectic 'Back To Mine' series, than those heavily orchestrated, emotionally manipulative soundtrack collections of yesteryear. Subtitled 'cults classics curios', the album traverses almost four decades of Australian film music; from the most up-to-date post-rock and electronic producers (Decoder Ring and Severed Heads) to the long overlooked vice-funk of cult-classic 'The Box' alongside masters like the late Brian May ('Mad Max'). As for curios, there are plenty, but how about the soundtrack that was originally commissioned for pioneering gritty Aus-Hellinic film 'Head On' starring Alex Dimitriades and Paul Capsis? The version here wasn't used in the film's final cut after Melbourne shlock-horror filmmaker, composer and author Philip Brophy was replaced by Ollie Olsen (Psy-harmonics / Max Q). read more for further details or visit

show me the money seminar - Film Victoria's Doco funding

At this session, Film Victoria's Documentary Manager, Steve Warne, will provide up to date information on documentary funding available from Film Victoria, how the fund operates and how to apply. The session will also include case-studies presented by documentary filmmakers who have previously received Film Victoria funding. Documentary filmmakers Jasmin Tarasin McGee (Pure Pictures Pty Ltd) and Sharyn Prentice (Flaming Star Films Pty Ltd) will present a case study of their documentary projects and their experience in submitting a successful funding application. visit for more info

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marketing, festivals and distribution for films seminar

Get tips and strategies to help you effectively market your film and reach your target audience. visit for more info

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legal seminars for filmmakers (melb)

OPENChannel, in partnership with the Arts Law Centre of Australia, is pleased to present a FREE seminar on legal issues relevant to film and new media makers, as part of Victorian Arts Law Week on Tuesday May 17th, 2005. The seminar, presented by Katherine Giles (Arts Law) and entertainment law specialists, will include current information on copyright, contracts, film festival requirements and will inform participants about legal issues they should consider before they start shooting. visit for more details

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Optronica film & music festival (uk)

A hybrid of film festival and music festival, Optronica is a brand new five day event focusing on the convergence of visuals and music. Starting on Wednesday July 20th 2005, Optronica opens with 3 nights of live audiovisual performances at the bfi London IMAX; the World premiere of Plaid & Bob Jaroc's Greedy Baby AV spectacular, the UK premiere of DJ Spooky's solo film remix Rebirth of a Nation and a stunning AV show from ex-Kraftwerk star Karl Bartos. Packed Friday and Saturday schedules follow, with cinema screenings, talks, panel discussions and live performances at the National Film Theatre, where audiovisual acts including Skoltz_Kolgen and People Like Us play at Optronica Lab. On the Friday night, there will be a special live audiovisual performance by Addictive TV on the fly-tower of the National Theatre, with projections visible across the Thames, and a club night Optronica @ The Spitz on the Saturday night with a line-up of DJs and VJs from France, Holland, Poland, the UK and Japan. visit for more info

Voices from the Waters film festival(India) call for submissions

Water, the source of life, today, has been deviously packaged into a commodity, creating a paucity of water and causing severe trauma to various peoples all over the world. The shortage of drinking water both in urban and rural areas has escalated to an acute level in the last five years, specially heightened by drought and war. This will have serious repercussions for the peoples of the world and the environment. One of the objectives of Water Journeys is to screen films on water issues, water struggles, water conservation and related issues in schools, colleges and communities to start a dialogue on the issue of control and use of water. It aims at networking with agencies involved in the protection and preservation of lakes, rivers and other water bodies. Further Water Journeys will soon start an international journal on water issues. It will address the socio-political and cultural implications of water, making it an interesting and enlightening knowledge source for action. In its 27 years of active involvement, Bangalore Film Society has been instrumental in screening films of internationally acclaimed film directors from all over the world, initiating a process of intercultural dialogue and creating avenues for divergent aesthetic experiences. read more for details or contact (Anupama Jayaraman, Co ordinator, Water Journeys).


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