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workshop : max/msp course @ Goldsmiths College, London

max/msp course notes
19 March 2005
Goldsmiths College, London

bang & toggle -> easy way to see what's going on in the patch; test; use it to print values

apple m = status window
number box passes on info when it receives the bang

- off when 0 (int)
- on for any other int value
- if it gets a float, it truncates the decimal to give 0 or 1 eg 1.57 would give 1; 0.73 would give 0

Diploma in CCD (online) 2005

CCDNSW's Diploma in Community Cultural Development (online) provides participants with the competencies needed to work in community cultural development at a project and program management level. In particular this flexible diploma course is designed for cultural workers, organisers, artists, as well as people working in fields allied to community cultural development, including: environment, health, youth work, social work, Indigenous, and cultural diversity. Read more for details or visit

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Questia is an online library of books and journals. Some free books are available whilst others are accessible via subscription. visit for more details

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