Statler & Waldorf invite extras to film clip

With the imminent release of their new single "Duck 'n Cover", Australian electronic producers Statler and Waldorf have teamed up with the talented DarcStorm production team to shoot their new clip. Taking place over two days in a private filming session at Brisbane's iconic Moon Bar at the Empire in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, the clip will be filmed in 16mm film format for national distribution and broadcast. Whilst as yet unreleased, early dub plates of "Duck and Cover" released to select DJ's have been generating a hype that's indicative of the momentum Statler & Waldorf have maintained through extensive gigging and festival performances such as Big Day Out and Queensland Music Festival.

Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat

Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat || Homepage for one of Melbourne's enduring underground breaks promoters - Got Funk? productions ||

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DMC - It's turntablism time of year again

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Chats with NSW DJs and judges on this years battle

NSW DMC Solo Competition Finals + Interviews with DJ Nino Brown, DJ Subway, DJ Centrix
Saturday July 13th, 2002
Metro Theatre, Sydney

Turntablists are an interesting breed of DJ. They are not like the usual club/dance party/rave DJ who are known for seamlessly mixing one record into the next to create a piece of music which lasts the length of the night and keeps people dancing from go to woe. Turntablists have a few extra tricks up their sleeves which set them apart from the rest. People often crowd around to gaze and amaze at what they are doing. Their hands fly over the mixer and records as they pause now and then to touch the platter or adjust the pitch to create those recognisable percussive sounds whilst scratching, beat juggling and performing technical moves. These guys & gals use the turntable as their instrument. New songs are created on the fly from the conglomeration of beats, riffs, and vocal samples of the records they are cutting between. The resulting piece of music often has a theme, tells a story, or disses other DJs in the process (albeit ususally in jest these days).

review : Scratch World Tour 2002

The Scratch DJ Tour hit Sydney with the arrival of hip hop legends Q-Bert, Jazzy Jay and J-Rocc. All these guys have been major influences in the hip hop community and are revered by up & coming and established turntablists/hip hop producers alike.

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