BBC video content available for creative reuse

"Free internet access to thousands of clips from public service radio and TV programmes is a step closer after the launch of the Creative Archive Licence. The BBC, Channel 4, the British Film Institute (BFI) and The Open University (OU) launched the scheme on Wednesday. It is the first stage of the Creative Archive initiative announced by former BBC director general Greg Dyke in 2003. Under the plans, the public will be able to "own" a copy of the clips and use them for their own creations."

"The BBC will initially make footage from natural history and factual programmes available under the licence, while Channel 4 has commissioned a selection of content. The BFI will be releasing silent comedy, early literary adaptations, newsreel footage and archive footage of British cities in the early 20th century. " Read the full story at
or visit the Creative Archive Licence Group @

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Defining Tactical Media

Virtual Case Book on Tactical Media

The Genesis of the Virtual Case Book Project

9-11 and After: A Virtual Case Book is a prototype for a planned series of what we are calling "virtual case books" (VCB), each organized around a key area of cultural activism in which tactical media play a central role.

Because tactical media practices (see definitions) are inherently responsive, interactive, and constantly evolving, we chose a format that would make it possible to capture the specificity of such developments in different political and cultural contexts. We have also taken advantage of the interactivity offered by web-based forms of publication, enabling us to invite others to join an ongoing conversation, and allowing readers to simultaneously access, analyze, and respond to the ideas, images, resources, and the multitude of links contained in the VCB.

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protests flies in the airs of the present, gathering up words like sticks shaking in the breeze. The journal sits at a discursive juncture between art and (often anarchist) activism with the knowledge that a knowledge and discourse are one tool to change the world.

The Journal, aware of the possibilities of the boundless moment, searches for ways to think through the cultural and political ramifications of representation. In word and aspiration, The Journal dreams toward a world that differs from "a celebration of the choice already made in the sphere of production, and the consummate result of that choice.

Raqs Media Collective

Raqs Media Collective - excerpt from Wikipedia entry

Raqs Media Collective is a group of three media practitioners - Jeebesh Bagchi (New Delhi, 1965), Monica Narula (New Delhi, 1969) and Shuddhabrata Sengupta (New Delhi, 1968) - based in New Delhi. Raqs is best known for its contribution to contemporary art, and has presented work at most of the major international shows, from Documenta to the Venice Biennale; but the collective is active in an unusually wide range of domains, and it is perhaps this breadth that gives their work its originality and scope.


TXTmob is a service that lets you quickly and easily share txt messages with friends, comrades, and total strangers. The format is similar to an email b-board system. You can sign up to send and receive messages from various groups, which are organized around a range of different topics.

TXTMob was designed for use by protestors at the Democratic National Convention in Boston this summer. It is currently being revamped for use at the Republican National Convention in New York this August.


FutureHi website - Celebrating the rebirth of psychedelic futurism - lots of great articles and links. great thinking material. visit for more details

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Fringecore magazine

Fringecore deals with the cultural fringe and some of the more weird stuff that goes on out there and helps to make society that much more stimulating. visit for more details

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culture jamming 101

what is culture jamming and why is it used? culture jamming 101 has some ideas

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