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Tactical media in Brazil summary mind map

a summary of the Sarai Reader 04 paper called "The Revenge of Lowtech : Autolabs, Telecentros and Tactical Media in Sao Paulo" by Ricardo Rosas.

the freemind mind map is attached - this contains html links or expand / collapse the xhtml version below is the new Sarai Reader link - they've changed their website and all the links have changed is the new link for the article

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Nigah Media Collective

Nigah was created in 2003 when a group of Delhi-based people got together to articulate diverse understandings of politics and social activism, and of issues around gender and sexuality. It has since evolved into an attempt to use different forms of media to initiate discussions around issues of gender and sexuality, replacing the silence around these issues with progressive and inclusive debate.

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mondo 2000

Finding my old bookmark files has made me nostalgic for the early computing days when everything was new and exciting and full of possibilities. One of my favourite magazines back in the early 90s was Mondo 2000. It was hard to get - only a few places in Brisbane stocked it, actually only two that I recall and even then it was occasional. By the time I got round to subscribing to the magazine it had finished being published and I lost my subscription renewal to the cause so to speak. At the time, it was cutting edge and the full gloss images and interviews with leading thinkers made it a great read. R.U. Sirius who was the editor of the mag has a podcast these days and can be found around Here's a collection of links to mondo 2000 stuff:

mondo articles from the well (link updated : original link broken 25/09/2008 : )

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dysfunctional feed

dysfunctional feed is a collective of experimental video and sound artists, mostly based in Sydney. members recently performed and taught at workshops at the 2005 electrofringe music & arts festival in Newcastle.

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Statler & Waldorf invite extras to film clip

With the imminent release of their new single "Duck 'n Cover", Australian electronic producers Statler and Waldorf have teamed up with the talented DarcStorm production team to shoot their new clip. Taking place over two days in a private filming session at Brisbane's iconic Moon Bar at the Empire in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, the clip will be filmed in 16mm film format for national distribution and broadcast. Whilst as yet unreleased, early dub plates of "Duck and Cover" released to select DJ's have been generating a hype that's indicative of the momentum Statler & Waldorf have maintained through extensive gigging and festival performances such as Big Day Out and Queensland Music Festival.

Dorkbot - people doing strange things with electricity

people doing strange things with electricity

what's dorkbotlondon?
first there was dorkbotnyc, a monthly meeting of electronic artists in new york.

"dorkbotnyc is a monthly meeting of artists (sound / image / movement / whatever), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties from the new york area who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the term.)" [more dorkbotnyc]

The White House - call for submissions

The White House is a new artist-run space in Brisbane's CBD, promoting audio / visual artwork, discussion and general mischief. We are currently accepting expressions of interest and proposals for our program from artists, curators and raggamuffins who do strange things in their bedrooms at late hours of the evening. Proposal forms are available from

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Experimenta is where creativity and technology meet.

Experimenta presents innovative exhibitions and events in new media arts, film, video, sound and performance.

Featuring the work of emerging and established artists, Experimenta screenings, installations and performances are held in cinemas, in galleries, online and in a variety of less conventional exhibition contexts.

dLux media arts collective

dLux media arts is one of Australia's leading and longest established screen and media arts organisations. Since its formation in 1980 as the Sydney Super8 Film Group and then as the Sydney Intermedia Network, dLux media arts has transformed in response to technological, aesthetic and cultural shifts in experimental screen, sound and interactive digital arts.


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