FurtherStudio - realtime, online digital net art residencies

FurtherStudio is an exploratory, year long project, set up to create online, real-time, net art residencies with three UK-based artists. Each residency lasts for 3 months, during which time the artists need not leave their studio or home environments, as the FurtherStudio web facility offers a public window on the artist's PC desktop as they work. Chat online to the artists via the website @

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Arts Vault

a space in Southampton UK. gallery space hundreds of years old built under the old town

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Arts Hole

UK arts website specialising in student and independent artists


Exporting contemporary Australian arts and culture

Transigence 2004 - calls for submissions: interactive audio art has secured a series of exhibitions for interactive audio visual art and net art for later in the year. These venues include The Watershed Media Centre in Bristol and Dana Centre London. A cd is planned to be produced (subject to funding) representing audio visual art and media 1998-2004 so please send in your work. read more or visit for details

Revolution:USA project calls for submissions, art of US politics

Developed by Coldcut and NomIg. (webmasters behind the Mutek festival website), Revolution:USA is an online, multimedia political art project created as a way to gather together artists around the world who have something to say about the state of American politics. It is intended to act as a catalyst for both audiovisual art and the development of public awareness surrounding politics and their effect on our lives. There is a large amount of art devoted to this topic and we are creating a project which will serve as a portal, resource and means of dissemination for such art. visit for more details or read on

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BananaRAM art festival

BananaRAM is an International Art Network committed to supporting the creation, presentation, discussion, preservation, promotion and distribution of art engaging new technologies in significant ways. The 2004 premise is exploring Mind Control and the need of sublimating the anxiety of the viewer through art. Reality in the visual world of today can be melt with images on screens and in our vision, art is the only way for the viewer to achieve self determination. Artists create beauty and irony for freedom

beinArt Underground Australian Art Collective

beinArt Underground Australian Art Collective - An evergrowing collective of Surreal and Visionary Underground Australian artists.
Submit your work @

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